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  1. Hi ladies! I know this has probably been asked before but I can't find the information does anyone know what the measurments of the beach ceremony gazebo are? I'm wanting to make a fabric back drop but I need to know how wide and tall it is? Also are there any past brides here who got married in April or May? I'm wondering how windy the beach is in the late afternoon/evening? We are getting married on the beach and reception at palapa yoga Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. @@cocosho have fun!! Yay... its finally here.. cant wait to hear all about it! Congratulations and enjoy
  3. @@linaco80 I was just reading through your questions to murmel and they are awesome questions... ones I was just asking myself hence why I was re-reading the thread! I'm not sure if you've already had your wedding or made your decisions but one tip I was given in terms of bridesmaid flowers and center pieces is to use them for both! Get bridesmaid bouquets.. I am having all rose in white and ivory for $65 each and then I am renting glass vases from lomas which I will put the bridesmaids bouquets in to make the center piece! Its not like they can take them home with them anyways It just depends on how many tables you have compared to bridesmaids... I have 5 bridesmaids and only 4 tables so im good. Just an idea for you @@murmel I heard you mention the alfresco location... which one is this... I don't recall being offered it, I really wanted the plaza zavas but unfortunately its already booked on my wedding day so we moved it to palapa yoga... but im really doubting it now I'm just worried about it not being pretty enough. We also aren't having a DJ but will be moving on to one of the bars after at the resort. Do you recommend asking someone to be a MC for us? Thank you so much for helping everyone on this forum... I really feel lost sometimes but then I come on here and am instantly reassured! Thank you, thank you!
  4. I have two dresses.. my bridal gown is strapless and has a very short bodice, so I wanted to have a non strapless dress that I can party in and not worry about it falling down lol. Ill keep on my wedding dress till after dinner and speeches and then change into the shorter dress after I tried posting a pic of my dress but I cant figure it out... duh lol.
  5. @@LissaSou My bridesmaids are wearing the same but in Rum Pink Two of my bridesmaids are coming from the UK and they were able to order them from there which is awesome.
  6. @@SofieDup we are staying for 2 weeks! we have about 26 people coming down with us. we are planning on just having the simple ceremony and then use the pure glamour package for the reception, we will bring down our own paper lanterns and lights though I sent out invites EARLY.. haha... im flying out from Canada and I have people coming from England so I wanted to get everything sent out early. I had everyone booked by June 2014 lol. Now im just working on Christmas... after Christmas ill focus on Welcome bags and the mens attire. im hoping to get bridesmaid attire ordered next month. Id rather do it slow and steady then all at once towards the end... im a planner haha. What location did you pick for the reception? This is exciting to have another bride! I actually had another bride message me who I also getting married on May 3rd! Maybe we will al party together after our weddings at the mojito lounge!! Gemma
  7. @@sofiedee Im getting married on May 3rd 2015!! How's the planning going? I feel like im behind but I think we all feel like that haha. Are you taking down your own decorations or using their packages? Good luck with your planning!! I love this site xoxo
  8. @@MrsHK I sent you a private message I'd love to speak with you, im getting married May 3rd next year! Your wedding was stunning... just beautiful! Have a great day, Gemma
  9. Hi ladies, Thank you so much for your feedback. I did see the pool deck location but I just wasn't loving it that much. I was looking at the other locations and I quite like "beach building #3".. its on the beach and it looks like there is a rectangular 'hut' with palm trees around it. But during my hunt for locations I found an option on the lomas website of renting a marquee tent for the beach!! It didn't have a price on it though.. has anyone asked about pricing for this? Im sure its extreme lol. I just think it would be gorgeous on the beach, surrounded by candles and fairy lights.. we would have to rent a dance floor too though or we would just be dancing on sand. The option is on the Lomas website under Furniture. Thanks, Gem!
  10. I have my wedding booked on May 3rd 2015, and i had my heart set on Plaza Zavas but its already booked... even through i tried to book it in March 2014 My dad is in a wheel chair and not all the areas are wheel chair accessible, do you guys have any advice on other areas? I really want outside.. we are having a Dj (hopefully, if thats not booked too) and I really want to have paper lanterns and fairy lights strung around. Im just so sad cause i was set on that area.. they did give the option to change the date but Sunday May 3rd is what we have on the invitation, if it really comes to it, i guess we could change it to the Monday May 4th. Thanks in advance ladies... you guys are awesome!
  11. @@kmk2016 I really like option 1, it gives you something to walk out too and also entertainment for your guests during the cocktail hour. Do you mind me asking how much the mariachi band is for 45 minutes? sounds like an awesome idea!
  12. That's so great! you seem pretty set so far That's a lot to bring down but sounds amazing. Im using a company called Marsha Steeves Destination weddings, they are a GIWC which I found on the Karisma website, don't get me wrong they have been pretty helpful, I don't want to bash them in anyway... they have their own WC package which normally you would have to pay $1650 for but we actually won the package at a wedding show they put on, so we are waiting to meet with her! So far I have booked all of the guests, 25 so far, and we have past the deadline date for deposits. I have booked our photographer, we are bringing our own from here and she will be staying for the week so we wont have to pay the outside vendor fee. Oh and we picked our wedding location. I would really love to pick our dinner as I saw that the prices have jumped up A LOT and I haven't planned that into our budget! I'm thinking of just having the complimentary wedding but perhaps use parts of the pure glamour tables for the reception, i'm going to bring down my own table cloths but i would want everything else from the pure glamour tables... are you having center pieces? I keep hearing about 'Lomas' is this a company you rent things through? For your dinner did you pick from the memorable moments food or from the gourmet menu? (hope that makes sense lol) Oh and which DJ did you pick? Sorry for all the bombarding of questions @@kmk2016! I really appreciate all the input.
  13. Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if there are any Canadian brides out there who are getting married at AS? Who did you use to plan your wedding? If so how have you found the planning and have you run into some of the perks not being available to you as your not from the US? I know that we are not able to receive the complimentary basic wedding, it will be $950. Is there anything else? Our wedding is in 10 months but we haven't planned anything to do with the actual wedding yet except the time and where it will be, my TA keeps saying its too early and that I will be able to meet with the wedding planner in a few months... this is stressing me out a bit as i'm not sure on so many of the options, am I being unrealistic on wanting to plan a bit earlier? lol. @@kmk2016 are you taking your own table cloths down? I'm really hopeing to use black and white striped table cloths but I haven't found any to buy yet so I might have to make them!! Have you found anywhere to purchase them online? Thanks! Thanks so much, Gem
  14. Hi Ladies, This is only my second time posting So we are all booked at The Azul for May 3rd 2015!! The thing is I really want to go on the Brides dress rehearsal and apparently your not able to if you have already booked your and paid the deposit for your wedding date... this is what my travel agent said, has anyone heard of this? I love hearing all of your experiences... im originally from the UK but im not living in Vancouver, Canada so im trying to arrange guests coming from all over the place lol. Anyone else in BC, Canada? Thanks in advance! Gem I wanting to take down my own table cloths and also mix and few of the memorable packages together, anyone know if this is possible... I doubting it but you never know lol.
  15. So ladies... I have found the hotel I love for our destination wedding, The Azul Sensatori and I received pricing today... Which is extremely reasonable!! BUT the price is only guaranteed till February 10th which is when we have to put down a non definable deposit and then the guests have 90 days till they have to put down a deposit too. The thing that is making me a little hesitant is that our wedding isn't till April 2015! Lol. I want to send out the full invitation with all the booking information instead of save the dates seeing as I already know the details. Am I jumping the gun? Thanks ladies!! Gemma Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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