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  1. Hello Everyone. I got married at the Kukua in October. All I can say is WOW. We are so glad we chose the Kukua. We originally were going to get married at The Royalton where we all stayed but once I saw the Kukua venue pictures online and read all the amazing reviews we cancelled the res at The Royalton. I basically wanted minimal stress leading up to the wedding so I decided to pretty much leave everything up to Bego. I just gave her my colors and a basic idea of what I wanted and let her work her magic!! And did she ever!!! We had 50 guests with us and all of them were shocked by how beautiful everything was. Every little detail was taken care of and thought out with love. Bego and her staff are truly amazing. The staff were so attentive, and very friendly. The food was delish and the cake was to die for. The reception was the best time EVER. We got the crazy hour and I'm so happy we did. It started off what turned out to be the wildest party on the island...Our guests kept coming up to us saying" THIS IS THE BEST WEDDING EVER" Every single guest ended up in the pool with their clothes on. We were also lucky to have Julia Eskin capture every beautiful, hilarious and crazy moment of our wedding. The pictures are stunning and perfect. If you can book Julia and her husband Mark, do so, they are the best on the island. For our hair and makeup we had the amazing Anna Nuet. I chose to have my hair down which is risky in the humidity but it turned out amazing. All the bridesmaids loved their hair and makeup. I wouldn't change anything about our wedding because it was absolutely perfect.
  2. Hello Ladies! Can the ladies that got married at the Kukua already give me some info about tipping. I have no idea how to go about this and what to tip. Any kind of advice would be great. Feel free to PM me Thanks Ladies
  3. I sent in our deposit the end of January and Bedo responded right away to inform me they received it.
  4. @@vANDm I have decided to get married at the Kukua, but get ready at The Royalton. How have they been with your group. Did it matter to them that you weren't getting married there?
  5. Sorry, I meant chair covers, ribbons for the gazebo. I emailed her to ask about the different decorations for the packages and she said you have to pay extra to decorate the gazebo. So I'm thinking lots of flowers instead if the ribbons.
  6. I just heard from The Royalton about the decor. It's extra for any ribbons, flowers etc.
  7. Do they only have 2 gazebos? I thought they had 3? I would also like to see the different options of decorating them. Have you heard anything about that?
  8. Yes. I know. I signed the contract before they did that thank God. Yes. I know. I signed the contract before they did that thank God.
  9. We bought the 30 person package for around 3000 before they changed the packages. I havn't spoken with her about the extra cost yet because we are still getting responses from people. What package did you get @@Bigleap35?
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm getting married at the Royalton Oct 25th 2014. I have about 40 to 50 people coming. I'm also thinking that we will do the garden wedding because we would like more privacy. I emailed the wedding planner for pictures of the sites today - Hopefully I hear something soon
  11. Hi Ladies! I'm also having my wedding in October at the Royalton...soon2bemrsclark when is your wedding date?
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