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  1. @@Christinagiovanni your pictures turned out gorgeous. I agree with the flowers and gift favors, a huge stress over nothing.
  2. @@CnBWedding you should consider asking a wedding guest who is not apart of your wedding party to host your wedding reception. Maybe a funny uncle or a friend who is good on the mic...you will also have to prepare a timeline and a script for your host so he knows when to make announcements and what to say. A tip for your playlist is to consider Spotify. I had family members from Panama who wanted to hear songs you can't find on Itunes and we were able to find just about everything on Spotify. You can download the app onto any computer, ipad, or phone and have your DJ pull songs from there. We
  3. @@CnBWedding yes we spent a lot of time at El Dorado / El Dorado Casitas. Its very close, you can walk or hop on a golf cart. I highly recommend to eat lunch at JoJos or Isla at El Dorado. AMAZING. I really liked all of the restaurants between all of the resorts. I had vegan and super picky guests and they all raved about the food. Every night we partied at Gaucamaya, the outdoor club at El Dorado. Super Fun. As far as the beach goes, there are pockets where the beach is better than others. You may find an area that works for you. The El Dorado has more beach to work with. Generations is
  4. @@Maurindy2016 honestly the beach at GRM isn't that great. It is an eye sore. Some days the water is nicer than others, it depends on the seaweed. It did bother me but I was prepared for the not so perfect beach. My guests still enjoyed themselves and nobody was complaining about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk A tip is to plan a day trip to Maroma beach or another beach that is nicer as a group excursion. We did a catamaran cruise to maroma beach and it was nice Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Congrats on the thread. I just got married in Riviera Maya May 25 at Generations Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @@nsands1184 glad to hear about your flying down your photographer. Good choice. The pier will be perfect at 4pm, and you'll have plenty of light after your wedding for lots of pics. The only thing I forgot was my flutes and garder. I also forgot my favors which was a big one! My guests told me to forget the favors bc they didn't want to bring more stuff back, and I gave them all $250 resort credits upon check in. My onsite coordinator was Maritza. Request someone else if they give her to you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. @@CnBWedding it sounds like you're in great shape!!! I'm so glad you have someone in place to deal with the onsite team as well as your own photographer! Everything will be awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Here are the issues that I had that you all should know about.... You will have to stay on top of the onsite coordinators basically they are unorganized and I had to practically harass my coordinator the day of my wedding. My cousin ended up taking on that job for me. My wedding was at 6pm and we didn't hear from her until 4pm. If you purchased your photography through lomas please make sure you get the shots you want. My photography package was close to 5k and Sarani rushed through my pictures and I never even got a shot with my bridesmaids ....the good news is that my husband had a
  9. @@CnBWedding I plan on writing a review this week. Overall everything did turn out gorgeous but I do want to caution everyone about Lomas travel and what I would do differently to ensure you're getting everything out of having a beautiful destination wedding Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Shoutout to @@ChiTiff who is getting married this Weekend at GRM! I'm so happy and proud of you sis you are pulling off a true Lifetime event that I'm sure you and your guests will be talking about for years to come . Happy wedding weekend!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @@salutvie The only limitation to the amount of people is the free group reservation that they throw in that is not apart of the free private events promo. That free group reservation is good for up to 40 people so just use that for your rehearsal dinner or farewell brunch since not all your guest may or may not be present for that I'm using my free group reservation as my welcome lunch event and I will have several guests that won't be in town yet or can't make this event so I should be okay with that 40 person Max When I signed my contract I just blocked the minimum required which
  12. @@salutvie the free events promo, you will still have to pay for any decorations, music, speakers for your own music, candles, lighting etc. I'm using my free events promo for my welcome lunch, rehearsal dinner & cocktails afterwards "white party", and our wedding reception. My wedding is on Monday May 25th, so this worked for me. I was going to have a farewell brunch with my free events but decided to cancel, I didn't want to have too many events and overwhelm my guests. So the free events does come in handy. Just know that you can only pick 1 food item for the main course, if you
  13. @@salutvie you will need the flights more than a catamaran cruise! Plus your guest will have a better experience if they are able to have group flight and make payments towards everything. Take the photo or spa credit and use it towards makeup and hair OR you can gift the spa credit to your bridal party instead of coming out of the pocket for gifts...If you have a good relationship with your agent, I'd say do it! You will need the comfort of working with someone you can count on. I'm glad we can help you with these little tid bits, boy do they matter later!!! @@ChiTiff the $250 credit
  14. @@salutvie, honestly I've had a good experience with destination weddings, I'm not sure if beachbums would be any better. One thing that I didn't like about destination weddings is that they didn't handle the flights for my guests. If Beachbums handles and coordinates flights then I would go with them and ask them to match destination wedding's catamaran cruise at least.
  15. @@salutvie I received the same promos you did. The free events promo is critical! This will save you a lot of money. The only things that I got that you should ask for are the following: $250 guest credit per room (can be used for the spa/ wine bottles/ & private candlelight dinners) Free Catamaran Cruise when you book 10 rooms or more plus a $1200 credit for Food & Beverage on the cruise
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