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  1. Hey Ladies! My fiancé and I are on board the plane to Mexico. We are flying Delta and as soon as the flight attendant saw my bag she and I tag teamed proper placement in the over head bin in first class. (We are seated in first class but the first class closet is rather small, possibly because we are flying from ATL and we're in a little md88). I will be giving a full report soon but for now...time for sunshine, time to get married!!!
  2. Ladies - I meant to post last night. I've got Exactly 29 days before our wedding day!!!! (kinda bummed I missed the "30 days and counting announcement" lol) We will be heading down on 11/25! I'm in my final stages of printing stationary and ordering our last few decorations that we'll be taking down. I found this site about a year ago and without I have no idea how I could've navigated this. There definitely have been ups and downs in the planning stages but it's all been worth it. We're looking into finalizing our excursions when we're down there as well. It's all so exciting! Who's re
  3. @tiffanyfox CONGRATS! I loved hearing that everything went well. As each of us brides that get married, it only makes me more and more excited. We've got 42 days to go and I just had my call to finalize all details. Brigitte is my coordinator and as I've said before she's been amazing. Cocosho *viva my wedding*
  4. @@LaurenR we are doing a welcome reception on 11.27. Thanksgiving night. We booked the mariachi band as well. Our wedding is the next day so we won't be partying too late but the sun goes down really early in November in Cancun so it will feel like we are in the swing of nightlife Also some else asked about a dress code. It's in the karisma website and the Lomas weddings planning website Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. @@McGee2Be I'm sorry that happened but glad that you are rebounding! What was your intended wedding date? There's so many ppl who felt like we were nuts sending our save the dates so far in advance as well. They definitely laughed off our sell out warnings, but most did book within the allotted time...(one of the hard things about destination weddings a few of us here may have experienced.) good luck at your new resort! #vivamywedding Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. @@rebepax - you are going to have a great time! good luck. @@lolita2014 so exciting that your wedding is so close!
  7. OK Brides - here's my review of our Brides Dress Rehearsal (BDR). I have posted pics in my photo gallery. My fiance and I attended the BDR last November 7 - 10, 2013. Since our wedding is 11/28/14 we felt like we'd get an accurate depcition of resort activity, attendance and weather if we visited during our wedding month. Let me say that we actually stayed at Azul Beach (AB) bc we were told that Azul Sensatori (AS) was sold out. It actually gave us the opportunity to confirm that AS was the better of the hotels for our wedding party in terms of size, activties and night life. Nov 7th
  8. cocosho

    Brides Preview Day

    We Were picked up from Azul Sensatori and All couples met up at El Dorado Royale for the Dress Rehearsal Main presentation
  9. cocosho

    Azul Sensatori Tour

    What we saw on our Tour of Azul Sensatori
  10. @@raqpena I went to the dress rehearsal. You should ask to see all of the hotels you are interested in. They do a great job hosting you. They put us in the honeymoon suite. It was amazing. Of course they are putting their best foot forward to sell you on booking but I will post a detailed account of our preview experience. I've got lots of pics!!! The service level is unmatched is really top notch Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. @@LaurenR my FI and I did the Karisma bride's dress rehearsal last November. I am allergic to shellfish and nuts. Let me assure you that all karisma brands take food allergies and special diets very seriously. Upon check in they asked us if either had an allergy. Each restaurant we visited mentioned my allergy to me BEFORE I ordered. I was very impressed and also as we went through the dress rehearsal wknd we visited other Karisma properties: Azul Beach and El Dorado Royal. Everyone knew about my allergy and during the tastings they pointed out the things I could and couldn't have. Again we we
  12. @@lolita2014 you can definitely hang out on the premium side and not run into your guests who are located on the family side. Make sure to ask your on site coordinators to help you with this request. You can hang out at the premium section pool and not see your guests. You deserve to relax on your day! After reading all of the posts about Carol in the Miami office being disorganized, I was VERY nervous. Well lo and behold, I ended up with Carol and sure enough she was completely disorganized. Our Wedding details were wrong and continually wrong after two and three times of correction.
  13. Hi @@LaurenR! My MIL and my bridesmaids have volunteered to each take a lil sumthin sumthin in their bags. My MOH works for an airline so she gets an additional free bag on her flight. I'm taking all the help I can get. #vivamywedding
  14. we are 10 years apart! we'll be 34 and 44 when we get married this fall. #vivamywedding
  15. @@JMK923 thanks for sharing. Everything looks great! Question: did Azul Sensatori provide any free spot lighting for plaza zavaz? Our reception will be there so I'm trying to figure it all out beyond my lanterns and string lights thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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