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  1. @IIimaa Thanks it was great. As i mentioned i brought my own decorations and didnt get them all back. I brought down the chair sashes, starfish, shells, vases, waterbeads and glass beads for the tables, and lanterns for the reception. I had to pay $25 to have them provide the blue fabric that is wrapped around the poles at the ceremony site. I gave them pictures of what i wanted and they set it up amazingly. It wasnt until i went to pick up my decorations that the problems came up. So make sure that you make a list of what you bring and exactly how much of everything and what it cost. For my flowers i sent a picture of what i wanted and they said it was included and matched it perfectly.(give them any accessories you want added to your bouquet because they dont have that) I had my own photographer so i only had the resort shoot the ceremony. Because i didnt get anything more with the resort photographer they didnt really ask what i wanted. I originally had my hair appointment at 10am and when i talked to my photographer she suggested closer to my ceremony time(3pm) so when i got to the resort i changed my hair appointment to 1pm. but then i found out that the cart to pick people up was coming at 230 and my cart at 250 so it didnt leave much time. then the cart was late to take me to the spa was late. I was super rushed, i didnt get time to take many pictures of getting ready and of me and my girls. so really take time to make a plan! @@nicolesal We were a very small group of only 13. We had the semi private dinner, and did 2 hours of poolside reception and just got the speaker and mic. and the national bar. I didnt pay for anything extra with the photographer because i had brought my own.They were literally only there for the ceremony and the toast. I also didnt tell anyone i had brought my own photographer, she stayed for 7days and no once said anything to me. We did the poolside reception for 2 hours(group of 13) had lots of time for our speeches, dances and tosses. Your cake cutting will be inside the restaurant not at your poolside. My Wedding coordinator was Gina. And dont get my wrong everything was fantastic up until i went to pick up my decorations the next day. Thats when the excuses started and passing the blame about who was actually responsible for it all. So im just letting the other girls know to make it clear you want everything back and make a list. I was the only girl out of 4 that i had been talking to that had any issues, i dont know what happened with my stuff or even why it happened.
  2. Hey ladies! Just got back and had my wedding on november 6th. Wedding was great! My few pieces of advice: 1)make a time line with your wedding coordinator and family and photographer! I felt way to rushed because I didn't make a plan before hand. 2)if you bring your own Decorations. Make a list of exactly what you bring and the amount everything cost! And if you really want make sure family members pick up your stuff from each site or move it. They lost a good portion of my decorations and blamed it on the clean up staff. In my opinion the WC was entrusted with it she's accountable. 3)bring pictures of your flowers. Decorations. Anything you have in mind. 4) don't rush through your meeting with your coordinator when you arrive. 5) look into having your own photographer. I didn't like many of the photos the resort photographer took and out of all the ones they took of just the ceremony I only picked 17 and 15 of those were included. 6)do a trash the dress. Soooo much fun! And my dress is still in great condition! That's about it. Enjoy your day ladies! Few pictures for you!
  3. Thanks I only have 12 and they all have our names in them.
  4. I might be freaking out way to much on this receipt thing! How important ate they to have?! I've gotten a lot of my decorations second hand so there is no receipts!!! I have finger starfish that have no receipt and shells with none. My wedding favors are shot glasses and tumblers that's I hoy at the dollar store and did up myself. The dollar store receipt just gives a total not what items! Am I freaking out to much over this?
  5. How did you tip staff that helped with the weeding. How did you tip at dinner? How much? Did you tip the wedding planner?
  6. How did you tip the resort staff who helped with your wedding. Set up, dinner and stuff.
  7. If anyone has done a trash the dress session can you please pm me! Thanks!
  8. How long where the table runners you brought? I'm thinking of using my extra chair sashes and going horizontal in front of each seating.(for a square table) Will they move the chair sashes from ceremony to pool side reception?
  9. I haven't sent back my dinner yet. I have questions about it. Like what child friendly option is there. I have flower questions too. Their stuff looks pretty dated.
  10. Did you get any answers about bringing your own decorations and who will set them up?
  11. My wedding coordinator is Gina. What did you say on then phone!? Maybe I will call. Was their English pretty good?
  12. When is your wedding? I'm finding they lack the ability to respond to emails in a timely manner. It's almost once a month atm and my wedding is November 6th.
  13. I only have about 16 guests going working up to 20. I'm just curiouscase to what options for reception are worth it? We would like to do first dance, father daughter dance, some short thank you speeches and enjoy the rest of our night privately without all the other resort guests.
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