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  1. @@itscaramel I know a few hotels that we stayed at had something similar to a path leading to the beach... One hotel in particular had a back entrance that kind of connected to the path. Good luck! Congratulations!
  2. @@cruisebride2016 your day is fast approaching! Well we are having a cocktail hour the evening before our wedding. I thought we would (I ) would rather have a nice quiet dinner with my new husband and talk about our day. Can't wait to hear about your day. @@slfavors I did a informal poll and asked some people what are some things you needed on a cruise but you didn't have and surprisingly alot of people said a highlighter to use with the daily paper to mark things they wanted to do/see... I decided not to do them but I bought a bunch to give. I had s folder made to put our door hangers in
  3. @slfavors I'm getting married during our cruise on the Freedom of the Seas the week of June 19-26, 2016! I'm getting married in St Thomas! CONGRATULATIONS! Keep me posted! we are having a cocktail party on board as of today we have 35 sailing guests.
  4. @@cruisebride2016....... We are getting married at a port. I have hired a planner in St Thomas. I'm planning something immediately after the wedding while on the beach. . Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do after the ceremony on the ship because I still want to dance party etc.... What are your plans?
  5. @@cruisebride2016.... how was your Day? I'm planning a cruise wedding on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas sailing June 19-26 2016. .
  6. @@islandbride14, what did you decide? If you used an independent planner who did you pick? I am planning for a cruise wedding in June 2015. I'm thinking about using Island Bliss Weddings in the Virgin Islands
  7. sdj327 Is there any way you can email me what you used for your welcome letter. .Thank you! atwater7@aol.com
  8. I'm another newbie planning a DW in ST. I plan to cruise to St Thomas and then use Island Bliss to coordinate the wedding. Can anyone share how their day turned out? Thank you! Justice The day will be June 2016.
  9. laronza Congratulations! Please let me know what you decide. I'm planning a destination wedding in June 2015, I'm thinking of doing a small reception before we board the cruise ship with something lite. I think I saw where you can have a cheese, veggie, fruit tray, drinks for a reasonable price. Not really trying to do a lot since we are going to have a nice reception when we get back home. I thought the same about the price, when my sister got married and her wedding was over $20,000 + Pricing the destination wedding to include a cruise for 5 is under $10,000.
  10. Hey Jackie! Congratulations! I'm planning a destination wedding in St Thomas in June 2015; As of right now I'm leaning towards Island Bliss. Which beach did you get married on? which wedding planner did you use? Did you have a reception on the beach/nearby restaurant or back on the ship? Thank you,
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