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  1. @shan0487- Thanks! Anybody have any beach reception set-up pics to share!!
  2. MrsG2B..... so it seems they have taken away from having anything private or semi-private for that matter for the 30ppl included dinner reservation.... So they will prob just put u all together in a reg restaurant. Please keep me updated on your options and what you came up with.... I too will have small guests list...and was wondering the same thing. What about a cocktail hr so to speak extended for 2hrs or so...that would be cheaper , and maybe u can have a private space for cocktail hr... Let me know what she says I understand charging a fee to use a terrace/garden/set-up.......but charging for food/open bar at an all-inclusive resort is the most ridic thing ever in my opinion. ....we are all guest at the resort our food/drinks are included why charge me for hor'd or other food...... Let me know which restaurants she said you can use for FREE.....and what the costs are for less than 20 guests to use terrace etc.... I still wanna have first dance/speeches/cake even tho I'm having less than 20 ppl....so being in a restaurant is not gonna work for that. Shan0487- I know you used the comp wedding ceremony...what color is that structure they used? black or brown? also did they have chairs that match the structure when you were going over options? Thanks!
  3. I was going back n forth with Dreams n Moon..... Dreams hotel rates were soooo much better....but their wedding collections they had none...I love the Collin pkgs at Moon...... Im still undecided......I have time tho..... Did u think Dreams hotel rates was way better than Moon??? im thinking of my guests....
  4. ok good...my niece/neph would have to be pulled out too prob 2 to 3 days....
  5. I guess u right....we could just use the DW date as our Anni for years to come....makes it easier
  6. tell me all about Dreams.... that's my #2 right now... the prices seem much lower from Moon Palace...but I like Moon wedding collections!!! Dream don't have any...u basically have the Gazebo which is pretty but next to the pool.. I was looking at the Ultimate pkg... what info did u find out on this?? where can u have the private CH and Reception? do they use just basic tables and white chairs for CH/Reception set up.... Any pics to share!
  7. Karabeth..thanks that's what I'm thinking too..... I hope they understand..and not make me feel bad and be like... whaaatt..I wanna be there...I can't believe you not inviting me ..etc........
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