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  1. I have been looking for affordable/reusable OOT bags. I really wanted something embroidered---either the bag or a cabana beach towel. I really couldn't afford the cabana bags from motivators I wanted so after months of searching I finally settled on these tonight---they are a little cheaper then usual. http://www.thedealrack.com/p-822-liberty-bags-boat-tote-bag-7002.aspx I am waiting for a quote on cabana beach towels as well from a different site but I think the quote is going to be outrageous! My wedding is at Iberostar Paraiso Maya on Cinco de Mayo 2014! My initial tho
  2. I am getting married at the Maya on 5/5/14. I email back and forth with Yuritzi. I too am getting married on the beach and using adventure photos.......I was getting really frustrated too. I booked the dream package. My private reception will be in the cajun restaurant. Cocktail hour on the beach. Basically minimal decoration is included even with the most expensive package. If you want anything other then flowers or expensive linens/upgraded canopy-you have to bring it....that is the impression I have
  3. sorry to hear about your experience! i had originally wanted to do a RC wedding
  4. I am trying to keep my budget under $15,000 but it is really hard! We are only expecting 20 or so guests too
  5. Airfare is really expensive from Philly to Cancun...nearly $700 for a direct flight! I think its deterring a lot of our guests even with the option of connecting flights for $500 : ( the all inclusive is reasonably priced so per couple its about $3,000
  6. I don't think you have to show proof of marriage if it is just a symbolic ceremony. I was going to get legally married in mexico too but changed my mind due to the cost and stress of translations fees etc. I am thinking of doing it the day before we leave
  7. what is considered "normal" or to be expected to spend on a destination wedding?
  8. I think a welcome excursion or welcome bag is appropriate--just something to show appreciation for the time and money people are spending to travel and be present for your big day
  9. Is this supposed to be the day after ? I can't imagine wanting to wake up and TTD, haha
  10. I am encountering the same problem- I have about 20 people who say they are coming but only a handful put down a deposit!!
  11. I am also looking for coral and maybe turquoise decor??
  12. I need some suggestions for wedding shoes! im getting married on the beach with a private reception in a restaurant
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