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  1. @@Crystal17, For reception, I only had one entree for everyone ( The salmon). I think they maybe able to offer 2 entrees but you have to let Jessica know who is eating what and seat chart 1 month in advance. On the other hand, I let my guests to pick from 2 entrees for my welcome dinner at Agave. Then I picked 3 different appetizers and ask them to serve in 2 sets ( we sat a long table) so everyone could try everything. Agave even made a menu for me at welcome dinner! that was very sweet of them. oh and I made my own menu at reception though. Overall, I think one entree at rece
  2. @@HNeal. You do have to walk a little across the beach to the pier. However,I walked on a path which lead to pier has less sand. Maybe the hotel staff "shuffled" it (if that makes sense). you can't really see it but you can feel it's much easier to walk on ! Hope this helps!
  3. thanks guys!! In short, It was AWESOME!! Jessica M was wonderful and she was able to provide all the things I asked for. I was still undecided on the reception location and she showed me my options. I orginally requested Barcelona, but according to karijean and seen it myself, it was really plain. So we visited Foyer and Las Olas: Foyer had a great view of the ocean and there is always breeze. Las Olas was the one we settled since Foyer wasn't available for the night. It's acutally better than what I expected! It was windy but also hot that day so it worked out perfectly. oh and I g
  4. Hello, I am just doing symbolic ceremony at Mexico. I think I will have around 15-20 people. I don't know if I want to do any of those. I think the resort have provided some good option to chose from. I am not too picky about the flower or centerpieces. I may do a OOT bag. How's your plan coming along?!
  5. Hello karijean, Nothing has settled yet. For flower, I want peonies and still waiting for their reply. Menu - They sent tme some choices. Location - I will have ceremony at pier by the beach, cocktail at Las Olas and reception at Barcelona. I am just afraid it may rain since my wedding is in July so I picked covered place. What about you ?Did you pick yours? For all brides who has done recepiton at Foyer. Even though I leaning towards Barcelona since it has A/C. Is it really hot in Foyer? Is it a private room or a jsut a hallway ? I can't really tell from pictures. I am goi
  6. Apparently my wedding coordinator isn't Gloria anymore, I am working with Jessica Moreno now, she is very sweet and response very quickly. Anyone else notice that?
  7. My date is July 8, 2014. That's great suggestion. I should've go back and start reading at pg1 !
  8. Hello everyone! I have finally booked my date so now it's planning! Quick questions: 1) Can we bring our own ribbon and decreations for the ceremony and reception dinner ? The extra cost for each ribbon is pretty expensive. 2) what are somethings that you wish you would've included ? Thanks!
  9. Trying to get a hold of Gloria. She has been MIA for sometime. Has anyone in contact with her? Thanks!
  10. Hi Karijean! Thanks for the info! My wedding date will be on July 8, 2014! I am only doing the excellence love package so photographer wil only be there for the ceremony. So I am still keeping my options open and searching for others. JessT.
  11. Hello! I am also a soon-to-be bride at Excellence Riveria Cancun. I am still looking and trying to book my date for 2014. Has anyone use the in-house photographers "Beach Wedding Studio" ? How was your experience and how did the pictures turn out ? I would also like to do a wedding video, has anyone done this before in ERC ? Any comments would be greatly helpful! Thanks!
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