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  1. @@sjw015 did you just pay a set price for the boat or a per person price? Do you think it would be too much to do the boat for an afternoon excursion the day before the wedding? Also, did you have a dinner with your group the night before the wedding? We paid per person for the party boat. I think it would be too much to do the night before the wedding as there was a lotttt of alcohol involved. It was a big party. I know there are dinner cruises you could do but I am not sure how much those are? Also we booked a dinner at capers the night before which was really nice and easy! We di
  2. Hi Ladies! I recently got married at Now Larimar on May 21st with 35 guests. I wanted to write a review on here since this site was soooo much help for me. Yeomandry was my wedding coordinator, and she was very sweet. She did everything how I asked, and was so patient! I got my hair and make up down by Krystie Ann, who was absolutely amazing. She was so professional, did incredible work, and I loved my hair and make up. It stayed perfectly the whole night! Some of my bridesmaids got their hair and make up done at the spa which turned out absolutely stunning! I did my hair and mak
  3. Hey guys! Any experiences about carrying your dress on the plane? I am getting nervous about this!
  4. @jnvoigt Thank you so much for sharing! You had the cutest ideas!! Looks like you had an amazing wedding! Its so funny you said that about the dress, because I just posted on here about flying with your dress!! I have one- question? How did you do with the heat? Were your guests very hot sitting in the sun during the ceremony. How was the reception outdoors? Thank you so much! Christine
  5. Thank you soo much for your response! I love your idea to bring a framed menu- what a great keepsake too! Good to know they have individual menus too! Thanks for adding the pictures! I will take a look. I so appreciate all of your advice and responses. I am nervous as I just want everyone to have a great time, and have gotten some push back about having a destination wedding. You have made me feel more at ease.
  6. Hi @kosrae89! Your pictures are stunning!! How long in advance did you give music choices to the DJ? Also, what did your menus look like? Were you happy with them? Congratulations on your beautiful wedding! Christine
  7. Hi Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. I am getting married in May 2015, and recently did a site visit on December 15th. The resort was beautiful, and Yeomandry was awesome! However, I have some kind of a GI bug now. My fiance has no symptoms at all, but I have all the symptoms of traveler's diarrhea. Has anyone else gotten sick? I am not sure if it was something I ate or drank, or a GI bug I have picked up back home. Thanks so much! Christine
  8. @@RebeLight Hope this helps! I think it looks really nice! Hi Jamie, Sorry I have not been on here in a while either! I think I am going to stick with corals and oranges. My mother in law wants to help with the decorations. I did think of doing purples and teals for a little bit. Purple does sound beautiful!! Do you have any pictures you could send me of what you are thinking? Thanks so much! Christine
  9. @JahaneeConner Congratulations on your wedding! My concern was it being a little humid also. But, jumping in the pool makes a very fun and memorable wedding! Would you have chosen a different reception location, or still done the pool? Did you go in to Castaways while you were there? Was it much cooler than the pool even though it is open? Thanks soooo much! Congrats again!
  10. Hey Guys! I have a quick question! I emailed my wedding coordinator to ask if the 25 chairs with white covers that are included in are package are also included in the reception. She responded "Yes, 25 chairs included for the ceremony, the extra chairs are $25.00 each one. For the reception, you don't need to pay for extra chairs. They are included." Is it seriously 25 dollars extra per chair just to have your guests watch your ceremony?!? I did not see anything about this in the package or excel sheet. I am hoping she misunderstood my question! Thanks so much!
  11. Hi @@KAT2015! I also cannot justify paying $1500 to walk across the platform. I saw a few youtube videos with brides walking beside the fountain so that is what I am going to do!! Castaways is expensive but we have a friend that is coming that will do our photography so we will save there! I am not a very crafty person so I am still thinking about decorations- yours sound beautiful though!!
  12. We are staying from the 16th to the 24th, but may alter the dates a little as we have not booked our plane tickets yet! I have not done much with decorations yet. I was thinking corals and oranges. We are getting married at the fountain then having our reception at castaways.
  13. @@JYINGLI1 I am getting married on May 21st of 2015, and I am very interested in sharing decorations!
  14. @@KAT2015 - I am sorry for the late reply! I have not been on this site for a while! My date is May 21st of 2015.
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