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  1. Hi, I am having a very frusturating time trying to reactivate my old account that I had with you guys. I go to the page to reset my password but no email gets sent to my email address, I have tried numerous times. However when I created this new profile, the email came right away to my work address. I'm frusturated as I cannot view old content and I had paid to look at all attachments and now I can't even log into my own account. I tried to find the main board page to write you guys but was unable to find the link you spoke of on the help pages. My old account login was lcboyko and the email was lcboyko@ualberta.ca if that helps. It would be much appreciated if you could assist me with this as I actually need the attachments and documents now Thank-you.
  2. Hi All, I'm new here, been lurking for a bit here Is anyone else having trouble loading the information on the first page? It stops right after the mayan blessing post and everytime I try to click on the posts at the begining of page 1, it takes me back to page 1. I'm getting super frusturated as It has worked before in the past and now that I need it, it's not.
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