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  1. My FI and I have never been there either and neither have most of our guests. I am very excited and want to make sure everyone has a blast!! Thank you for all your help!!
  2. Sounds great!! I heard a catamaran cruise is so much fun!! We want to do that and I was thinking about Dunn's River Falls..a friend of mine was telling me about an excursion on a glass bottom boat, she said u can see everything in the ocean through the glass bottom and they have food and drinks. Did u receive a list of excursions from somewhere or are u picking from research. I was just telling my fiance I have to contact my agent and see if she can let me know if they have a list and where I can get it from.
  3. Hi danielleandryan2015..I am so glad to read this post becuase my fiance and I were thinking of doing the same thing, but I thought it would not be enough. After reading this the idea sounds more perfect than ever! Do you have any particular excursions that you guys are thinking of doing?
  4. Hi K Sullivan, I would suggest speaking with a TA..They will be able to discuss different locations with you based on your needs and budget. Good luck and happy planning!!
  5. Girlinthecity97...sounds so unique and amazing!!!! Cant wait to see the pics!!!
  6. Hi emme121, I was just wondering if an option would be to purchase another birth certificate and use that one to get notarized and sent to Jamaica. I am getting married in Jamaica and I will see if I can clarify if that is an option and let you know via the forum.
  7. Hi Sarah, Although I am not getting married at your destination, I want to congratulate you on your engagement and wish you the best with planning.
  8. @@Meeks congrats!!! Such a cool date!! Im a 2015 Jamaican bride at the Iberostar. What resort are you getting married at?
  9. Hi Maxine, Where did you get married at?
  10. Hi ladies!! I would love to see what tricked out shoes look like. I am getting married by the lazy river which is concrete as well. Wearing heels was a must for me because I want my wedding dress to be peasant style.
  11. Hi ladies!! Congrats to u all on your engagements and future weddings. I am getting married at Iberostar in Montego Bay on May 6th 2015. We decided on the semi-private reception because it is included in the package. I was trying to think of any activities we could do after dinner on the day of the wedding? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi ladies!! I am so excited to be on this site with 2015 brides. My fiance and I are getting married in Montego Bay on May 6th 2015. I am looking forward with all of us helping each other with ideas.
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