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  1. @@Stephanie2015 They would put you next to the beach under an open air grill which is gorgeous. I went and looked at the reception halls when we were there. It looked like a lecture hall that I went to university in, im glad I didn't choose it. Then again, im sure it would look nice if it were decorated. We had our wedding in the open air grill (mariachi grill) it was GORGEOUS.
  2. @@historiemaker No, lets say the strawberry package is 3700, they deduct 300$ from that, you pay the 300$ directly in cash to the officiant @@missirene Sooooo exciting!!! Good luck and im sure it will be AMAZING!!!
  3. @@bluecastr1 We didn't have "official" meeting places, we hung out a lot near the palmeras grill on the tropical side where the pool was and the pool bar was. You are correct there are activities there. There is a big chart in the tropical lobby about the days activities. We did water aerobics and the guys got into water polo and volleyball on the beach. We also had a spot on the beach usually everyone went to every day,... actually, directly across from our pool spot, but on the beach The palace beach is rocky. We hung out on the tropical beach, it was perfect and the water there is nice, its central We used the tropical lobby bar for meet ups. like I said, we never had official meet up times because some people wanted to be with everyone, and some people just sometimes wanted to be by themselves at times. The tropical lobby bar is a good place though. A lot of people on here are talking about welcome dinners and welcome bags etc. We didn't do any of that. Honestly, people spending the money going to Mexico want a vacation too... so we didn't want to take up anyones week. Some people did excursions together, some people hung out at the beach together, and people booked dinners together. The only big dinner we did was our bridal party dinner at the steak house (8 people) the night before the wedding. we noticed as the week went on after the wedding everyone kind of went their separate ways with their significant others to have their relaxing/private part of their vacation We arrived at Barceló Tropical Oct 26... we had our WC meeting Oct 27 at 9:30am. She picked us up from our lobby. Check your phone messages too, we had one from her. If you need to confirm your meeting times, the wedding office is located at the palace, in the main lobby but bottom floor. you can also look on the map that says "Bodas" or you can look at the info book and get the extension from the wedding office and call there. Call laundry the day before to set up your dress steaming, they will do it in the room for you. They also did all of the guys outfits for us too At the meeting, you go over EVERY detail from head to toe. She takes you on a golf cart to the available locations for your day. There are literally sometimes 3 functions going on per night, we saw a total of 10 functions the week we stayed. ours was the only one that night. I had pre requested the coral beach cliff for ceremony and the palmeras grill for reception (OR palmeras beach). Palmeras grill is HUGE.. and I mean HUGE!!!! They told us for 50 people or more, so we didn't have that option, they told us our choices would be mariachi beach or mariachi grill (right next to the beach). We wanted the beach, however that day was threatening to rain, so we made the decision to move into the grill just before the ceremony, It didn't rain until like 10pm that night Never the less, I am so happy we had it in there, it was perfect, there was a breeze, the floor for dancing was awesome. and, I had heard from a bride the night before who had her wedding on the beach the sand was getting blown into their eyes, their food... the mariachi grill is the same as palmeras with huge chandeliers etc, but just a smaller version. there is good light in there too. Like I was saying, you go through every detail... and then, she writes up the bill. My parents paid in credit card. they take all major credit cards. there In total it was like 6,000 Canadian (5,400 US). We had 5 hours, DJ, a couple extra charges for extra lights and stuff, 34 people (so the 66 per person over 15 people (I believe their new prices is now 77), and extra $ for extra hours of bar as well for the extra time), I brought my own centerpiece stuff, my own decorations, and my own chair sashes and runners. We had fans made up with details of the wedding on them (people LOVED these), and then we had luggage tags for our favors. OH and our on topper and thumb print palm tree guest book thingy, and we did a cute message in a bottle. All of this fit in ONE carry on for luggage, it wasn't a ton to bring down, but it brought the WHOLE wedding reception space to life... along with the extra lights they put up! Tipping: As a present to us, a couple friends tipped all the servers and bartenders, I think they gave them each 40$ US,.. there was about 10 servers and bartenders total all personally for us, I believed they tipped the DJ too . they were amazing and they partied with us all night long! My parents left Estrella a 100$ tip, and my husband and I gave her 50$ extra at the end of the night just because I literally handed my stuff to her and she made it all happen. She even got them to close the mariachi grill down early (snack area) so that we could have our reception in there starting at 6:30pm. We tipped in US Cash. The officiant collects 300$ US cash from you before the ceremony starts. Make sure you your husband tells her what you want and whats happening as you will NOT see her before. You will be picked up privately from your room. My husband told her we had our own vows, sand ceremony, and we are non-religious. She did perfectly The DJ: He was amazing. I had certain songs that I wanted for dinner, and dancing, first dances, isle walk, entrance to reception etc. I basically made playlists on my ipod: -Ceremony Music -Yay we are married Music (post ceremony) -Reception Entrance -Dinner Music -First Dance -Dance/Party Music He mixed it with his own as well.. he basically had everything I had, but we like some Country too (he had none), he was good at mixing our songs with his, and it was cool because the lights kinda danced and strobed with the music too. Iliterally handed my ipod to Estrella the day of our meeting and when I was walking with my dad down the isle and up the ceremony space, the correct song was playing... and that continued all day and night long If you don't feel like having all your dinner music and dance music picked out, I would say that the DJ is great and he can handle that. I would have play lists for your specific stuff like first dance etc. I have a picture on my facebook of the flowers ---> Sarah Bristow (Douglas) My bouquet was huge and amazing, and my bridesmaids flowers were perfect. They were not small in my opinion and worth the 35$ (which is on par with flower prices here at home for that size). I wouldn't bother adding anything, they were gorgeous. We got my dad, my brother (who was a bridesman), and all the groomsmen and the groom the flower pin (boutonniere?) they were good size too. Don't be nervous... and that's easy to say for me now, I was very stressed. But it was an AMAZING day and literally NOTHING went wrong. It was perfect. AND GIRLS: DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SPA FOR HAIR... maybe there is different staff now? but man those girls can do hair... they put in all of our extensions, looked at our pictures and gave us exactly what we asked for!!! Its part of your package, USE IT!!!! hope this helps, and go check out my pictures, it makes it all more clear
  4. Hi Everyone!!! We are back and the wedding was AMAZIINNNGGGG!!!!! Seriously Amazing.. You can visit my facebook page for pictures Sarah Bristow (Douglas) Ok on with the review: Our wedding coordinator was originally Claudia, she has since left Barceló... we then started with Marlene who to be honest wasn't that great with communication. When we arrived and had our meeting, we actually met with Estriella, as Marlene was away on business. THIS WAS A GODSEND!!!! Estriella was AMAZING.. I cant even tell you... she was there from beginning to end. I literally handed over all my centerpiece stuff, my ipod with the play lists, our décor that we brought down, our message in a bottle and guest book stuff, place cards, seating chart, EVERYTHING. And it was set up perfectly and exactly how I imagined. She was amazing. Location: We chose the coral beach (cliff area) on the palace side. We were told that we would have to pay 15$ extra per person to have the ceremony there (we were guests at the tropical)... I told them that was ridiculous and our wedding planner decided to wave the fee for us We chose this spot because I saw previous weddings that week and did not like how there is no traffic control for who is behind you in the water, and also the coral cliff was SO private. Perfect for 34 guests We had our champagne toast shortly after the ceremony on the cliff area while taking group shots. it was fantastic. there was music that we chose from my ipod being played by one of the barcelo workers... everything was perfect. It was threatening to rain that day, overcast weather, and while that is fantastic for pictures, it is NOT fantastic for dancing on the beach if it rains. So we were given the option to be in the Mariachi open air grill area. I absolutely do not regret this decision. In my mind I had wanted to be in the grill, because there is a huge fan, there is a good floor for dancing, and there are bathrooms and the bar in the center. They hung paper lanterns for us, they put strings of lights up the poles, and the DJ (700$ for 3 hours, but he stayed for 5 in total--no extra charge to us) brought lights as well which helped light up the entire room. We had 4 square tables, and a head table, dance floor was in the center. Mint green chair sashes and runners. Centerpieces were clear glass plates with sand and shells with a candle. It looked amazing and I am so happy we chose that area. It wasn't super dark and I wasn't stressed about wind or rain We were completely private as well Food: We chose, Cesar salad (SOOOO GOOD), Minestrone soup (YUMMM), Beef Tenderloin Wellington (huge hit, it was a great steak), and Chocolate Mousse (it was weird... but pretty to look at). We chose a 1 layer chocolate cake. OK, so they said that we should get 2 tiers because 1 tier only feeds 15 people???? that cake was HUGE!!!!! Seriously, it could feed AT LEAST 50 people. Don't waste the extra money on 2 tiers... you only need 1. And by the way, get the chocolate, it was the best chocolate cake ive ever had. Drinks: The bartenders danced with us, they gave us shots while we were dancing, they were fantastic and made the night even better. All of the servers and bartenders were great and worked SO hard to make sure we had a fantastic night DJ: Originally I did not want a DJ. We were just going to use my ipod, which would have worked out fine. But my dad wanted someone to do all the music so we wouldn't have to worry about it. It was 700$ for 3 hours, but Estriella got him to stay for the full 5 hours for 700$... it was WORTH IT. He played all my music, mixed and blended it, put some of his own into there... it was well worth it. Plus the cool lights that were part of the package really helped with dancing atmosphere as well. This is the Barceló DJ, not an outside vendor, he was great HAIR AND MAKEUP: Everyone warned me not to go to the spa at the resort for hair. It was part of my wedding package, and I knew that there was no way I was going to pay 300$ for an outside person to come in to do my hair. So I went to the spa with my 2 bridesmaids. They did a supurb job. I have NO idea where the bad reviews came in. I showed the girl pictures of what I wanted, she put my extensions in, she did an AMAZING job. I would recommend the spa at Barceló for hair. They also did side curled hair for my bridesmaids with their extensions too, their hair turned out exactly as asked and we were all very happy. I did my own makeup and my bridesmaids makeup... (something I am very particular about) I wore Estee Lauder Double wear light foundation, Nars creamy concealer, Makeupforever eyeshadow with primer underneath, Stila waterproof pen liner, Sephora Mink False strip lashes, MAC lipstick with YSL gloss overtop. For powder I used Urban Decay Naked Powder. Eyebrows are makeupforever pencil. Nars Orgasm Blush, Nars contour palette in Olympia, and Makeupforever powder highlighter...and then Urban Decay All night set spray. My makeup did not budge. It lasted through crying, sweating, wiping.. Check out these products if you need makeup that wont melt. TRANSPORTATION: Everyone met in the lobby at 2:30, Estriella picked up our 34 guests at the main lobby via gold cart train, and brought them over to the ceremony site. They were shuttled back to the lobby bar for cocktail hour, and shuttled to the Mariachi Grill for reception. Myself and my bridesmaids, mom and dad, were picked up at 2:50 at my room to be brought to the ceremony space, the ceremony started at 3pm. OFFICIANT: We filled out the paperwork at home in Canada... we had a symbolic ceremony. With that being said its not much different, you just are signing a unofficial certificate at the ceremony. the officient costs $300 US CASH. This is collected before the ceremony. I actually did not speak to her before the ceremony, but my husband did. She did a fabulous job. We did our own vows, and a sand ceremony (the resort provided the sand ceremony as part of our package). PHOTOGRAPHER: My family friend took all of our photos. He is not a professional photographer and does it as more of a hobby. With that being said the photos were great and we are so happy with them. There was no outside vendor fee obviously because he was a guest at the resort for a week with us. As well, I wasn't announcing him as the photographer. OUTSIDE VENDORS: We used none... Why would you pay 500$ to have someone come in... when the Barceló staff and what they provide are great??? Our wedding was $5400... we stayed on budget, and it was amazing. PS... I know that dance floor is tempting, go for the DJ instead with all the lights, same thing, just cheaper... and I saw the dance floor the night after, it was very small. OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: BEST NIGHT OF OUR LIVES!!! There were no hiccups, no bumps, no issues... it was fantastic... THANK YOU SO MUCH BARCELO!!!!!!
  5. Thanks guys!!! We fly out tomorrow morning Its funny too because it is MISERABLE weather in Vancouver right now, and freezing!! Cant wait to get away!
  6. 1 day til we leave!!!! Getting married Oct 29 at Barceló Tropical!!!! I will make sure I post a detailed review! Our wedding coordinator is now Marlene as Claudia has left Barceló. I haven't had much communication with her since our travel agent is the middle woman in wedding planning for us
  7. Hi everyone!! So it's 10 days until we head down to Mexico!!! And the wedding is on oct 29 at 3pm!! Super excited!!! I left all the flowers to finalize down there... Because it was too hard to plan based on the pictures that were sent to me, and also I am pretty set based on pictures for the palmeras beach for the reception at 5:30pm, and the grill as the backup if it's raining but the weather looks good!! And then the only thing that's undecided is where the ceremony will be. I am still unsure of the coral beach but we shall seeee!!! We are bringing down our own centrepiece stuff, and topper, as well as gifts to the bridal party, and guest book, message in a bottle (advice to the bride and groom cards). Last thing we are doing is just play lists for the iPod We are super excited!!!!! And I will be sure to post pictures and check here before our second week honeymoon and playa mujeres
  8. LADIES!!!! OMG, 2 months away (51 days!!!)... so excited! Basically all planning is done except for some minor details (I want some hanging lights--like those round paper lanterns), and then flowers. I picked my bouquet, but nothing else for flowers yet. My dress fitting (2nd one) is on Sept 9th, its going to amazing to actually try it on now that it will fit!!
  9. Hi! I have 34 people coming. We chose strawberry package because I am NOT going to mexico to get married or have a reception in a banquet room inside.. despite the cost. I asked about the free cocktail hour as well, BUT, it is only for a certain airline in the US and did not apply to us flying WestJet from Vancouver (because we definetly had more than 15 rooms booked). I am not upset about this because we didn't even want a cocktail hour. Ours is coming to around 6000 USD because we are having 34 people on the beach, 2 extra hours for the reception (5 hours total), only a 2 layer cake, bringing down our own centerpiece stuff which costed about 50$ for 6 tables (versus their 35$ PER table), and we are still debating about the dancefloor. Either way, its a no frills wedding, and to be honest they don't NEED to be if you are on the beach. My close friend photographed his sisters wedding in Cuba, so we asked him if he could do that for us (since he was already coming anyways). for myself, I already bought clip in extensions and my bridesmaid who is a hairdresser is doing my hair. I am all about makeup, so im doing that myself (I have been testing out foundation in our 35 degree BC weather this week) that's about it! I just got word that Claudia left the resort and now we have a new wedding planner named Marlene. She said she will contact me end of July, as right now she is overwhelmed with wedding stuff and learning the ropes (this is the ONLY thing that is making me nervous), BUT, I know it will all work out and be AMAZIIINGGG!!! 3 month and 9 days until the wedding!!! PS- can someone tell me how to quote other posts?
  10. Hey everyone. It's 12$ US for national bar or 14$ premium liquor per person per hour for extra time. IE, let's say you want to add 2 hours onto your reception, it's 24$ extra then per person. We added on 2 extra hours to make 5 in total but we only have 24 guests and chose that over the dance floor
  11. Seeing all the reviews here makes me so excited 4 months tomorrow and counting!! I haven't even seen my dress yet (TAKING FOREVER), and I haven't finished planning yet. However, I kinda took a break from emailing the resort as they were so busy with the weddings Jan-May that I was getting incomplete responses etc. I just emailed them my reception stuff and the seating plan I think ours will come to about 6000$ USD... with exchange rate it will be around 7,000 Canadian... I wanted to know about everyones experience with the person who conducted the ceremony part of the wedding. We are just having a symbolic wedding IE-getting married here in Langley, BC and then going for the "wedding" in mexico. Which I know is common. As for the ceremony itself, do you have a choice with what the officiant says etc?
  12. would love to see some pics of receptions in the palmeras grill.. OR, alternatives to the light up dance floor. 1300$ for a dancefloor is ridiculous!
  13. HI Everyone!! I have been so excited to read everyone's reviews. My wedding Is oct 29 at the tropical. We are well into wedding planning. I have met someone on here from the same town as I, and she has shared many pictures of her wedding she recently had, and MAN DID IT PUT MY MIND AT EASE!!! It looked gorgeous. After adding up everything, we are at a grand total of 7400$ US... which is about 8000$ CAN with exchange rate of 0.92. That is with the light up dance floor (which I am now convinced we need), and without a cocktail hour (we are going to refer guests to the lobby bar instead). We were discussing a huppa... or arch or whatever... they are so expensive 300$???!!! What do you guys think are other options if we decide we don't want this?... Also, after seeing pixs of the Palmeras Beach... I really want my ceremony to be there too, (our reception is the palmeras beach and backup is the grill). Right now we have the palace beach/cliff area as our ceremony choice, but I may change it. and PS- for anyone who has never been to mexico.. there is ALWAYS a 70% chance of rain I am so excited!! My dress hasn't even come in yet.... ordered in January... they said it would be in first week of may. I am going to start freaking out if it hasn't come in by July
  14. Yeah when I received my wedding package on spreadsheet excel to fill out step one the 300$ was deducted. to equal 3400$ I have read that the 300 goes directly to the minister/JP in cash.. but im having a symbolic ceremony, so I don't need anyone special doing it... I wonder who barcelo usually uses
  15. Ladies, I am on step 2 of planning. A lot of people are iffy about seafood (besides my fiancé and I, when we saw surf and turf we were like YUMMMM!!!!!)... anyways we have opted for the beef tenderloin wellington, sounds yummy. I am not a fan of ANY of the starters though... I sent an email asking about a basic ceaser salad or something. Has anyone had any of the same experiences? PS- for strawberry package each extra plate over 15 people is now $70 USD. Also, we are having a symbolic ceremony, so they deducted the $300 off our final cost... that being said, who do they use to conduct the ceremony?... The wedding planner said we can have a minister (religious) or a justice of the peace... don't these still cost money?
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