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  1. That is exactly what happened to me! Please let me know what they tell you. I think it is unfair since when we originally booked, it was cheaper. :/
  2. No she just up and quit when she got pregnant...my travel agent spent hours arguing with them and they said they cannot honor anything Pilar said since she is no longer an employee...so date and time had to be changed! Sooo stressful. And when I booked sept of 2013, photographers weren't considered as a "vendor" ...but now I'm being told that to use an outside photographer it's $150 per person from that company to just step foot on the resort and they can't eat or drink the whole day they're there!? Is anyone else who is using an outside photographer being told this?
  3. Just so everyone knows, Pilar is no longer there. When she left, she did not document my wedding appropriately, and so the new person Isela, gave my date away! Invitations have been out for 8 months now already and everything! So, we had to change to the day after. If you had Pilar and booked a while ago, it may be a good idea to just double check everything you had set up with Pilar got transferred over. Also, since I have booked, they've changed their outside photographer policy. It used to be that you only had to pay for a day pass for them. Now Iseala is telling me I have to pay a $150 outside vendors fee, even though when I originally booked, this was not the case. Is everyone else being told the same?
  4. Hey everyone. So I'm currently talking with our photographer and planning our trash the dress session. We can either choose to do it 3 days after the wedding (which I'm afraid will interfere with drinking and fun with friends the night before..plus that means I'll have to be extra careful about sun-burn and not overindulging so I can still look good in my dress)....or we can do it the day before anyone arrives since were going down a few days early to settle any last minute plans. The second one sounds temping since we probably will avoid partying too hard before the wedding since it'll just be us, we wanna look good, and they'll be things to do...I was also thinking that doing it before would be good because I could test out hair and makeup before the actual big day...butttttt this would mean I'd have to buy another dress....thoughts? Tips? Also, does anyone know how early the salon opens? Our trash the dress session is going to be at sunrise because that's the only time the sun is over the ocean on that side of Mexico. I'm worried the salon won't be open early enough. Any suggestions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated since I would like to lock in our photographer ASAP!
  5. Instrumentalist questions: Did anyone use one for their ceremony or the cocktail hour? I'm not sure which one to choose (pro's/con's?) I'm thinking guitarist for the ceremony, but I'm not sure. Which instrument did you find better? Can they play specific songs, or do they have a set list to choose from? How does that work? Thanks!
  6. I'm actually contemplating doing the exact same thing! Let me know what u decide/if u think of any helpful pro's/con's to doing this!
  7. Just tried to swap out photo package...I was very flexible and just wanted to trade for SOMETHING...she said absolutely nothing can be swapped...my travel agent even sent her screen shots of this site of previous brides saying she would! ...still no luck :/
  8. Is anyone else freaking out about all the recent negative reviews on tripadvisor.com?! Our wedding is in 2015, and now I'm wondering if I need to start considering other resorts. :/
  9. Mine is June 12, 2015 and I sent my invitations out in November 2013 lol...I felt like I couldn't make any decisions on the wedding until I knew how many people were coming...and since we're on a budget and had 90 people RSVP, I'm glad I did it early so now I know where my budget for other things lies.
  10. Has anyone found ways to cut costs? WE somehow had 90 people RSVP!!!
  11. Thanks so much for the advice! Any other tips u can recall?
  12. My wedding is June 12, 2015. I liked the terrace but am worried about the heat in June. However, I hate the traditional "hall" feeling. Was the bamboo room a good choice looking back on it? Or do you think the terrace would have been good? Thanks
  13. I am wondering if anyone who has actually been to Jade can tell me if the terrace would be okay for a June wedding? I figure I'm at the beach, so why not utilize the view we're paying for?! I've always disliked the look of traditional hall receptions, so I was trying to avoid any room like that. But, I'm worried about the heat in June. Where does everyone recommend for the private reception? I definitely want dancing and will probably have around 40-50 people. Any input would be helpful! Thanks!
  14. This is a review of:

    Adventure Photos

    Wedding-this is for photography only-video was actually good

    Pros: Videography
    Cons: Quality
    My cousin and her selfie stick took better pictures than the ones the girl from Adventure took for the free pictures that came with the divine package at Now Jade. When we had to choose 24 to print out of all of the ones she took....we could only come up with 10 half decent pictures...seriously, I'm not exaggerating....terrible! videography was very good though.
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