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  1. Hi! I've been looking all over for a home that will allow us to have our reception and possibly our ceremony on their grounds and so far no luck. Does anyone have any recommendations? Here is ideally what I'm looking for but I would of course appreciate any tips at all even if it doesn't exactly match up with my wish list: Hoping for: West Side Oceanfront Allows up to 50 people for the reception Under $1,500 per night Contact info and/or websites welcome. Thank you so much for any advice you have. :-)
  2. Anybody out there have any updated info on houses that will allow their backyards to be used for reception? I really want to do that for my wedding. Would appreciate very much any contact info or websites. Thanks!
  3. Hi! This question is for anyone who has rented a house in Maui to have their wedding. Would love to get the contact information and/or website for any house that will allow a wedding on the grounds. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Everyone, I am looking all over the place for a private home rental that will allow us to do our ceremony and reception onsite. Would love it if anyone could share any tips. We are open to renting for the week if the price is under $1200 a night or for just the day as well. Ideally this house would be oceanfront on the west side of Maui, anywhere from Lahaina up to Kapalua. We want to keep it really casual, probably a bbq with simple decorations and are expecting around 40 guests. I keep running into dead ends because most places won't allow that many people. :-( I've looked at
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