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  1. Just got back from Cancun for a 4 day trip and the weather was amazing at this time! Looking forward to next year. =)))

  2. Hi! I've seen some files that previous brides have posted for others to use as a template. I was trying to save one but it wouldn't allow me to. Any recommedations or help? I'm new to all this as well. I've asked around about this and found some threads. What my fiance and I decided to do was to pay a friend's travel expense (planning to go to wedding already; who's also a photographer) and have him there to photograph the wedding ceremony and reception. Brides have told me I wouldn't have to pay the vendor fee since it will be a friend not a vendor from mexico.
  3. I am overwhelmed and have ZERO kids! Props to you ladies. I just barely put our deposit in and reading so much on this site. Makes my head spin just thinking about it.
  4. 5 Bridesmaids dresses.... oh vey! Thank you for opening this thread. lol
  5. I'm actually a 2014 bride but following some post in here to get more information. Hoping to get ideas and learn a lot from brides. So much to know and I'm not even sure where to start! Ahhhh.
  6. Booked our wedding date for December 6, 2014 and just moved the time to 3pm Ceremony and 5pm Reception. Thinking about also bringing our own photographer or friend who is a photographer even though we are on the Ultimate Package. With the Ultimate Package how long do you get the photographer for? Who have you used? Please help!
  7. Hello Ladies! I am new to this but excited to be a part of this wonderful site. I am getting married in December 2014 and we just put our deposit in for DRC! My fiancé and I are are so excited and blessed! Congratulations to everyone and I wish you all happy planning! Thank you Ceciile for opening this thread and your help so far!
  8. Newly engaged! And heading out there in December to get some information and check DRC. So far I'm sold and would love to have our wedding here. How did you ladies set the date? Any one I can contact? Please let me now where I can start! Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
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