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  1. *JUST MARRIED* Hi ladies!! My husband and I just got married at ERC on 10/4/14 and I would love to share our experience with you! I just spent a huge chunk of time writing a long review in Word for you ladies...and when I tried to paste it in this forum nothing happens? Help!! Does anyone know how to copy from a Word Doc and paste into this forum? I tried Crtl+V and the little clipboard icons above but nothing is working
  2. Hi brides! My fi and I are getting married at ERC 10/4/14 and we have 75 guests total (including us). I am struggling with where to hold the reception and would love any input! Despite it being the beach, we are still having a formal wedding (girls in long chiffon gowns, guys in grey tuxes) and I want the reception to fit that "look"... we wanted Lobster House but Gloria told us we have too many guests to fit. Even if we could fit I am concerned it might be too hot for guests. Former ERC brides- any input on temperature in Lobster House in early october? Otherwise, Gloria suggested Barcelona (breakfast buffet) but there are screen dividers throughout the restaurant or that restaurant attached to Barcelona but we though it was too "blah". What do you ladies suggest? As for the ceremony I am stuck as well. I am concerned that with the pier guests might have a hard time walking to the pier over the sand, and don't know where our wedding party would stand (4 on each side) because the pier is narrow. If we did the gazebo, does anyone have suggestions for the sand for both the bridal party and the guests? Has anyone ever rented wooden flooring to lay down? I have heard about the burlap runner but I didn't think that would be good for heels? Any input is MUCH appreciated. Thanks ladies!!
  3. I recently did a site visit to Cancun and visited both properties. I felt that the ERC was better suited for our wedding because of the ceremony and reception sites (there are more at ERC), the difference in the wedding coordinators, Gloria at ERC was fantastic, LLenny at PM totally forgot about our scheduled visit and wasn't even at the property. We had to wait about 40 min for her to arrive and then she rushed us through the property. She said no to almost every one of my requests (Gloria said yes or she woudl see how she could accomodate our needs). Llenny said there was a ballroom as a rain option but would not show it to me despite us standing just below where it was located. Also, the PM property was far more busy and the staff seemed like they were working just to keep up with the crowd. There was empty champagne glasses on the tables in the front check in area, etc. The staff at ERC was beyond friendly and made you feel like they truly loved where they worked and the place was immaculate. Honestly, this is just being nit-picky because I HAD to make a decision. Overall both properties are beautiful! The PM property is newer and definitely has a huge "wow" factor but ERC just felt right to me. I have pictures from both site visits if you would like to see please PM me your email and I will send them to you. You can't go wrong at either property but def. keep on top of LLenny (or ask for the new coordinator, Andrea, she was very sweet)
  4. Thanks Mandy! I really appreciate it. I am going to see what my DWT rep can negotiate and if needed I'll PM you for your TA information Thanks again!!!
  5. Hi ERC brides! My fi and I are getting married at ERC on 10/4/14. We are expecting about 70 guests or so. I did a site inspection at ERC earlier this month with my MOH and fell in love with it! A couple of questions for all of you 1. what type of room did you and your fi/hubby stay in while you were there? 2. we were thinking about doing our reception at the Grill, did anyone have theirs there? Was it too hot or were you comfortable? 3. Food recommendations for hor d'ourves and dinner please!!! (for the cocktail hour and reception) Thanks ladies!!!
  6. Hi ladies!! I am so excited to see everyone's feedback! My fi and I are having our wedding at ERC 10/4/14 and I cannot wait! We are expecting about 70 guests or so. We were thinking of doing the reception in the Grill because it can fit up to 70 people. Has anyone had their reception there and how was the temperature? Wonderful Gloria showed me Barcelona but I was concerned that it might be too "blah" for a reception. How did you ladies dress it up? I love the idea of the tequilla conga line! Also - what type of room did you book with your groom for your stay? Any regrets? I have stayed in the standard room which was great but we were thinking about getting the honeymoon suite with rooftop terrace until we saw the cost. We aren't on a budget but it is going to run about $4400 for a week in that room and we aren't doing our actual honeymoon until Dec. So I think I would rather save the $$ until the actual honeymoon when we are spending more time in the room versus during all the wedding activities. Thoughts?!?!
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