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  1. hi all - I'm very new to this forum - apologize if I don't know what I'm doing lol. I'd like to congratulate all the upcoming 2014 brides. My fiance and I are getting married in PPRL July 2014 and cannot wait. We've already sent out of save the dates and the mini drama has begun. I'm hoping we can exchange ideas and suggestions during this confusing process. We plan on visiting in January, but not too sure what to expect or what to ask. Although we are being guided by Jessica in Miami, I still feel the anxiety on things that should get done or questions she cant answer because I haven't received my planner yet. One of my main concerns is our travel agent, we think she's giving incorrect pricing information for the hotel. We really like her, but does anyone have a great travel agent to recommend? Thanks again... GO BRIDES!!!!
  2. Hi all - I'm new to this forum and wanted to congratulate all the brides on the upcoming wedding. My fiance and I are getting married at the PPRL on 7/14 and we're super excited, but I'm slightly overwhelmed. We plan on visiting in January. When do you think we should send out our invitations? Do they include menu and escort cards? We also are using a travel agent who seems to be giving our guests incorrect pricing information for their rooms, which is stressing us both. Does anyone recommend a great travel agent that can help our guests with their packages? We really like her, but not sure what to do... Should we be aware of anything? Thanks again and happy planning!