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  1. Does anyone need 12 table number holders or 21 gel pens (colors of blue, pink, purple, and green)? We also have 16 single LED lights. We will be here until Nov 23 or we can leave them with the WCs.
  2. Looks like a wedding is going ahead at Plaza Zavas tonight! The photo doesn't do it justice since it is light out and only set up, but I think it will look great!
  3. I thought I would also mention for those who are concerned about the lack of a gazebo at Plaza Zavaz... I really don't think there are too many drawbacks from not having a gazebo. The area is surrounded by a bunch of tall palm trees. There are ropes strung above and between the palm trees. Therefore, any decorations you may have planned using the gazebo (wrapped lights, hanging lanterns, etc) should still be able to be executed. I actually think in some respects that not having the small gazebo there would better - we were originally worried about sight lines for our slideshow and our speeches. They started to set our reception up there before we moved into the ballroom, and I think it would have been great! If I see any other weddings there in the next week and a half, I will try to grab some photos.
  4. A quick update from us: We had an awesome time yesterday. We ended up having the reception in the ballroom due to a high chance of rain, but it worked out really great. We went through a detailed list of our vision for set up and decorations and the WCs executed it perfectly. We had some benefits that we hadn't thought of due to the reception being inside: A/C (especially great since we had an epic 70-person 2+ hour dance party), no wind so people weren't struggling with their hair or papers during speeches (and everyone could hear really clearly), no mosquitos (everyone had a few bites from the cocktail party we'd had outside the night before), and close access to the coffee station in the lobby when people wanted a quick shot of caffeine after dinner. We also were stumbling distance from the Mojito bar when the after party continued past 11. What a great night!!!!
  5. For the ladies getting married later in the week, I will post an update after our wedding to let you know how it goes. I'm not overly concerned for us on Nov 11 because the forecast isn't looking great anyway... So I am sure we will be moved to an indoor space. At the end of the day, I am sure they will find a spot on the resort that fits each of our weddings! I had been hoping for an outdoor beach wedding, but as long as I am surrounded by happy family and friends - that is all that matters! On a seperate note - if anyone wants table number holders (we have 12) or paper lanterns with LEDs (colors: light blue, turquoise and white), let me know!
  6. Hi M8chow, I will be there for 2 weeks starting Sat, so I will let you know! I'm sure it'll be rebuilt at some point. Despite the weather, all of the guests who are there a week early have really enjoyed the resort so far!
  7. Yeah, this was the original location planned for our reception. It may turn out not to matter anyway because the forecast is calling for rain. The only site we have heard mention of as an alternative is a ballroom, but we hope to figure out some other options. We leave in under 2 days and then will have a day and a half there, so things could change! I just wanted to let anyone know that is getting married here in the next month or so (???) that you may want to look at a back-up plan.
  8. For any of the ladies out there planning on their reception being held at Plaza Zavaz.... apparently it was torn down today. It had become unstable due to the recent storms. My dad got to the resort early, so he has been delivering this information. I'm guessing they will rebuild it at some point, but not before our wedding on Nov 11...
  9. I wish I found this site earlier! We will be getting married on Nov 11, 2013 at Azul Sensatori. Looking at the weather forecast, I am nervous about rain.... Does anyone have any tips for how to handle this (or comments on good back-up locations and decorations?). I have never been to the resort before, but I have a map to refer to. If anyone on this forum will be getting married after us, we will have a bunch of lanterns and LED lights I could leave behind for you!
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