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  1. Thank you shan0487 and jackielemman for your advice, i was just about to call when i got a response today and it turns out that she no longer works for the reddings department and we have been reassigned to Yazmin. Such a releif to find out what was going on I came to the realization last night after much ranting that i have local communication expectations that just arent realistic to the layed back Mexico style that we love so much. Everything will work itself out and hopefully this new coordinator is even better than the last
  2. Hi everyone, I am having a "small" problem. Dulce is our wedding coordinator and our wedding is November 25th, i havent received an email from her since January 30th and over the last month i have sent her at least 2 emails requesting information on how she would like us to complete payment for our wedding collection. I havent heard back from her- in fact i havent heard back from her on an email i sent in february. I am starting to get concerned as the issue from february is why we havent signed our PO yet. Does anyone else have Dulce? is she still arround? Has anyone else experianced lack of response to this extent? im not exaclty sure how to escalate this or if it is worth escalating. how long would you wait for a response? only 4 months 18 days to go
  3. Thanks Katy, It is very generous of you to offer to do that for us. I think though that for only a few pictures it would be too much to ask. I am sure that our pictures will be beautiful without them
  4. Hello Fellow Canadian Brides, I am getting married at the moon palace in November 2014. I am Wondering if anyone has found any vendors or shops that can deliver sparklers to the Cancun area? My resort will accept packages and hold them for our wedding but I haven't yet found anyone who delivers to Mexico, and of course they can't be brought on the airplane Hayley
  5. Hi kitkatkat, I have also booked November 2014 for my wedding (sultry sunset package). The 25th actually. Have you been able to start the planning process with a coordinator yet? I was told who ours would be and that she would contact us shortly but that was almost a month ago. Hayley Quote: Originally Posted by kitkatkat I am getting married at moon palace Nov 2014, I booked the exotic peacock package. Has anyone booked a theme package? I am wondering what the complimentary reception looks like?
  6. Hi Amanda, I have a fairly comprehensive booklet with prices that i can send to you tonight after work. Hayley
  7. Thanks MrsTobeD, That is fantastic news, I will be talking to Dolce about that as item number 1 on the list and yes I have experienced the confusion already as well I think we had 3 people send us the wedding date request forms thinking that they were assigned to us so I just picked one and stuck with it. Hayley
  8. Hi everyone, We have our wedding booked for November 25 2014 at the Moon Palace, we haven't spoken with our coordinator yet but are very excited to get started. Does anyone else have Dolce? I also heard rumours there might be an outdoor reception area able to continue past 10pm is this true? I surely hope so, that would be amazing Hayley
  9. Hi everyone, my wedding is booked for November 25 2014 at the moon palace. We have just been assigned a wedding coordinator but haven't spoken to her yet. Any advice for the best questions to ask? I see above they can change your date and time that is scary!
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