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  1. @@ASmooth I went to shutterfly and made a photo collage of me and each bridesmaid and got an 8x10 poster printed up of a collage of us and the words will you be my bridesmaid. I only used 3 pictures and I did it in their fav colors and got a really pretty picture frame and mailed. My sis in law and best friend loved it!!
  2. I love these! I am so getting them for my bridesmaids!!
  3. @@kcole123 I am so sorry this is happening! Maybe the new travel agent will be a blessing in diguise!
  4. I was wondering the same thing. I'm going to do only an hour and at first I thought it seemed to short. I guess if everyone still wants to hang out we can all go have dinner together.
  5. I have been debating this...I love my hair down and so does my FI...Whenvever we are going out or doing anything nice I always wear my hair down so I can't imagine it being up for my wedding. My hair holds curls pretty well..Its down to my shoulders and super thick so I'm worried about humidity because it will poof up..so i'm thinking about getting extensions and just wearing it curly and to the side..
  6. Love this dress!! I think it will be beautiful on the beach.. I'm having the same dilemma! I don't have a clue what my groom is going to wear!! He doesn't care so I am the one trying to figure it out!
  7. I say long!! I think long dresses look so pretty on the beach and if the wind blows a little hard they don't have to worry about it flying up!
  8. I live with my fiance but we are not going to sleep together the night before the wedding...We actually plan on not sleeping together two nights before!! I'm having an all girls night with my MOH and sister and sister in laws! I'm so excited about this because I get to have girls night mixed with a wedding and then a whole week of time alone with just me and my new husband. I think whatever is comfortable for the couple is what should be done! Plus I know the anticipation of seeing me will kill him if we dont' see each other until we get married!! Which will make me sooo happy lol! I'm all about the grand entrance!
  9. I would try to get your fiance to talk to her and I would MOVE MY DRESS!! That would make me so mad! Maybe you can tell her that people are welcome to come to cancun but as far as wedding events you didn't want to have to pay for more people to come because they aren't free!
  10. @stefadile@BusyBee280 I can't really sit down with her because I live in Georgia and She lives in Northern Va. I think maybe I expect so much of her because my best friend is so excited and is constantly sending me ideas and asking me questions and trying to help. Even when it came to picking the resort my cousin gave me ideas but she will always say if you pick a resort to expensive you can facetime me on the day of the wedding. I know shes joking but when I have someone who is so supportive its hard to have this other person who isnt. I don't even really expect her to do anything I just want her enthusiasm or her to at least acknowledge that something is going on. I dont' know if its me being a baby and spoiled about it but I would love for her to at least question how things are going.
  11. I'm having the same issue! I asked my cousin basically the moment after I got engaged and she said yes....Well since then my sister in law and my best friend have really stepped up. My cousin isn't even staying at the same resort that everyone else is so she isn't really going to be able to help. All she has really done is complain to me and she doesnt' even live in the same state so she really hasn't been any help (even though my sis in law lives almost across the country and she always has input or ideas). I don't want her to even really be apart of the bridal party anymore but I don't know how to unask ( I would love it to just be my best friend and my sis in law but I don't really think there is a way around it...
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