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  1. I have 15 Large Raffia Fans I am selling for $10 for all I have 65 cut and velcroed Chair Sash Tie Backs and 4 more cur pieces without the velcro attached... I am selling these for $25 for all I have 5 large sheer white 80" round table overlays for $25 for all I have 8 Silver Frames that I used for my table numbers that I am selling all 8 for $10 I live in the Tampa bay area so if you are local I can meet you or I can ship any of these items and we can add shipping and payment through paypal!
  2. "Style me Pretty" is an awesome website to use as well in addition to Pinterest. I think I am going with a dark Coral and tan with accents of dark yellow and turquoise since it will be the fall but still have a Mexican flair!
  3. I have been going back and forth about whether to have a legal or symbolic ceremony in Mexico. My coordinator said that the legal ceremony MUST be performed by a judge from the courthouse and they will only say their script and then that's it. I asked if I could have a friend step in after the legal part is finished and do a script that is more personal but apparently the judge wont allow it. So its either get legally married in MX and have it be impersonal or get married here in Florida and then do a symbolic ceremony in MX and it not be the REAL deal. I am torn!
  4. There is no threat to weddings in 2014 or beyond I am getting married at The Hyatt Zilara Oct. 18, 2014 and everything is fine so no worries! My only concern is even though I have stayed at The Royal/ Zilara twice in the past I will not be able to make a trip this year before the wedding. Therefore I will not be able to do a menu tasting or pick anything out in person so any specific feedback about the menu would be appreciated since we need to make decisions to put on our invitations ASAP! Thanks!
  5. I have no idea how to add decorations besides whatever will be on the tables. I know we will have a cake table and then a table for the guest book and place cards with maybe a few flowers but besides that I figure the atmosphere can be the décor. I think we are going to leave the reception at the Albatros terrace since it was the best bathrooms and a lagoon and beach view but I am still debating on whether or not to switch the cocktail hour to the villas terrace. The terrace by the gazebo has a built in bar that is really nice now but the space is a little small but I guess that may not be suc
  6. Hi I am getting married at the Royal in Oct 14 but I am researching photographers and videographers and becoming quite overwhelmed I would appreciate it so much if you could PM me the spreadsheet as well...also how far in advance from your date did you book your photographer?
  7. If you have a friend that does an online certification can they legally marry you in Mexico? We really don't want to get married by someone that barely speaks English that we have never met but we also want it to be legal that day...anyone have any experience with this?
  8. I thought about that but I have no idea what else to have her do...she can't do a reading or speak in front of people in any way. And she lives about 800 miles away from me so even having her just attend things wouldn't work...I'm at a loss with a way to include her but any suggestions are appreciated!
  9. I don't think she would do anything at the wedding and she would know far enough in advance either way, but she would probably pout But she does that all the time when she doesn't get her way. It is such a strange situation especially when dealing with a special needs person. Her sense of reality is based on what she sees on facebook everyday and what "other" people do... that's part of why this is a tough scenerio.
  10. You didn't offend me at all and I appreciate your inputand your perspective! I don't think that NOT having her would cause any family issues since her mother already told me that I don't have to and that it is completely up to me, however I know she would throw an absolute fit! Which is all honesty is part of the reason why I would prefer not to have her because everything is about her 24/7 and in my opinion a bridesmaid is there to help the bride and be supportive which is why you usually choose your closest friends and/or family. I never am one to be the center of attention or to ask for hel
  11. I think that making decisions involving family can be rough! I have a brother and my FI has a sister so you would think it would be a no brainer right? WRONG! My brother is a Marine and has no idea if he will be able to make my wedding next year in Mexico so I thought that we would do all or nothing..aka... if my brother can't make it then we wont have siblings in it at all. Now to make things a bit more complicated my FI sister is mentally disabled and has then mental capacity and emotional maturity of a 12 year old. We are not close as we live far away from his family and honestly she is ver
  12. Also my wedding coordinator is Flora and i was wondering is anyone else has or had her and what their experiences were like along the way. I was just sent email attachments with all of the options and I have to admit I am a little overwhelmed any suggestions on what to tackle first and an approximate timeline in which things should be chosen?
  13. I noticed that there is a Gran Caribe 2014 thread but not one for the Royal. I know alot of the Royal Weddings share Gran Caribe venues but I though it would be nice to have both! I am getting married at The Royal Oct 18, 2014! Ceremony on the beach by the gazebo terrrace, the cocktails on the gazebo terrace and the reception on the Albatros terrace at the Gran Caribe. I am debating on whether to change my cocktail hour location to the villas terrace just in case I do not end up having enough people to fill up the huge space on the Albatross terrace. That ay i would just move the reception to
  14. If you are having a friend officiate your wedding and you want it to be legal in Mexico is there anything in particular they have to do above and beyond just a regular online course?
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