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  1. I had a cocktail hour in the Ballroom. It was decorated very nicely. I got married October 11th with 70 guests. Whichever location you choose, they will make it beautiful!!!!!
  2. I was married on the beach at 5pm.... The ceremony is so quick that it's not bad. As far as the seaweed, I read that this was a problem and asked that they make sure to clear it. There wasn't one ounce of sea grass on the beach near my ceremony! Also the spectators are respectful. The staff doesn't allow people to stand close or walk through your ceremony. We were married by the pier and we had about 75 people watch our ceremony but they all stood along the rail out of the photographers sight. It was actually cool to turn around after the loss and see an additional 75 people crying and clapping for us. I didn't mind. Also if you're concerned about the heat, put your programs on fans.
  3. I was married at Azul in October (it was absolutely PERFECT and the best vacation that me and 70 of our family and friends have taken) and you don't need to fill in that gap. The Ballroom is near the lobby of the resort. There are many options from the SkyDeck to the ballroom. You and your party could have drinks at one of the outside bars that you'll pass while walking to the ballroom or the bar in the nightclub that is directly across from from the front desk. Lol A cocktail hour would be wasteful.
  4. I had 20 paper lanterns. It was PLENTY!!!!! Here's a pic from my reception area with the lantern
  5. They looked in our bags but didn't ask for receipts. They said they see brides all day everyday. They understand. With the paper lanterns, you don't need to put lights in them if you do string lights on the posts. They will hang them so you just provide the lanterns.
  6. SHEERS are organza and I paid $17 a piece for mine. I brought 3 but you'll be fine with two. Shop around for ten. I can't remember the site I purchased from but it was online. The decorating team are MAGICAL people who are EXCELLENT at what they do!!!!! I'm still amazed at their work!!!! I brought 10 suitcases of decor. I even brought my own tablecloths I got from thetableclothfactory.com You'll save a mint doing that!!! For chair sashes I brought spools of tulle (I bought them from the dollar store) and they cut and tied bows on the chairs with it. The way I measured was you'll need about 3 yards for each chair and the spools are 25yds each. So each spool gives you roughly 7-8 chairs (factored in error) They looked BEAUTIFUL!!! Where do you want to put the paper lanterns???
  7. The buffet was very fancy!! The tables that held the food was decorated, they still had a wait staff and a private bar in our area with a fully stocked bar. Waiters walked around to clear tables as they saw people were done. Honestly, it all goes by soooo fast that I'm so glad I did buffet because while people were eating we were doing the garter toss, cake cutting, dances, etc and as soon as we were done, most people were finished eating and the party began!!! I'm so glad I chose the buffet! The food was delicious!!! All my guests talked about how good the food was!
  8. Here are some pics some guests took. When I get to my album I'll upload more My reception was at Zavaz at sunset. I brought all the decorations, the linens, the lights,
  9. I did the BBQ buffet and it was AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Everything was so good and it was PLENTY!!! Didn't take away from the moment either.
  10. I have been in contact with them but it's excuse after excuse. They apologized but I've been given another date of expected shipping and now some new excuse has been given. I just think it's rude of Azul to chose something so important for you! That vendor fee is Steep!!! I agree @IvanLuckyPhotographer I think you should be able to chose the company you want without an extra cost.
  11. Not sure if anyone has been talking about it but if you can help it, DO NOT USE CARIBE PHOTOGRAPHERS!!! I got married on October 11th and submitted my selections for my photo album on November 10th and I STILL don't have my book. They promised to have them to me within 6wks and I am now at 3 months!!!!!! I am furious!!!! I wish I had just paid the extra money to use an outside vendor
  12. We uses Caribe and are very unhappy with our pictures.
  13. This will be difficult to impossible!! The check in process was very weird. The resort doesn't have the guests rooms assigned until they arrive. When my guests arrived a great deal of them were upgraded to better rooms because the hotel was booked. So although most of my guests paid for standard rooms, they were moved to the premium section because that section is the last to book because it's so expensive. The pier is still inoperable. They don't allow anyone on it during hurricane season anyway. I was just there two weeks ago and it was roped off.
  14. The mojito lounge was popular for my group as well this pass weekend BUT the DJ doesn't care about crowd enjoyment. He plays songs but isn't attentive to when he switches to songs that obviously no one likes and the dance floor clears. Lol He just continues to play whatever he wants. Guests were requesting songs and he would make those songs wait 15-20 mins although NO ONE would be dancing. Lol After my reception, I spoke to management and they allowed my DJ to take over for the last two hours at Mojito. It was a BLAST!!!!!! The dance floor was PACKED until they turned the lights on and made him turn the music off.
  15. Thank you!!! You know, that's a good question!!!! I'll look at the tag when I get home :-)