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  1. Hey Ladies, I'm a May 2015 bride. This thread has been so helpful. @moethomas, did the $1,200 at the San Jose Terrace include food and alcohol? I don't have 150 posts, so I can't view the images you posted. Do you have facebook or a website where I can view your pictures? I'm dying to see how you decorated everything!
  2. stephbono

    Cabo Weddings...any bride need recos or pics?

    I'm getting married at the Riu Palace.. if you pass by let me know if that's somewhere you would choose. Look wise, of course! Thank you
  3. I'm a July 2014 bride too!!!! What's your exact date? I am SO confused about packages too, but I went for the most expensive one for now. I NEED MAJOR help though. I am the further thing from a decision maker. :x I have been working with Paulina today. She's has given me a lot of info - my head is seriously spinning. I just have NO idea how this stuff goes. I want the gazebo for sure bc that's where the fiance liked, and like i said.. i HATE making decisions, so we chose that. I am beyond confused about the reception though. I want privacy and I want to dance and drink after. Does anyone know if the steakhouse terrace is private enough? Do you have random ppl walking in and out of the terrace? Thanks in advance.