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  1. @FutureMrsGrabs I too wanted a wedding off resort. I definitely feel like they try to weasel the money out of you any way they can. We are staying at the NOW Larimar and are using La Barcaza, 2 story wedding boat for our ceremony and reception. We will be there August 7-16th so I can definitely let you know about La Barcaza. They pick you up at your resort, you have the option of either getting married up top or they take you to a completely private beach (no one sunbathing 50 feet from your wedding!) then you get back on the boat for your reception/dinner/cruising around. They also stop a
  2. @ They are the 34oz, I bought 20 at $8.94 so with tax I paid about $191. It seems pricey but it was cheaper than to buy them online even with the bulk order discount they offer! They are so solid and you can just tell they are really well made and I know our group will love them and USE them. Thats the main reason I skipped a OOT bag and got these instead. I too think I am going to do some vinyl lettering just so everyone knows which one is theirs. I wish I could hand them out once we get there as well I just know I won't have room for them. Most of the people are getting them at my bridal
  3. Just an FYI. Walmart has some seriously awesome Bubba colors available right now! Anyone have any cute quotes or saying for these I can add to a tag I want to attach? I am giving them all out before we go so I don't end up having to take an entire suitcase just for them!
  4. @@DestiBride Yay! Glad you had such a good time, this is definitely reassuring! Also, great to know about the money! I will definitely be keep that in mind. How was the NOW Larimar? I am staying there as well as my 20 guests!
  5. @@Bridetobe771 thank you so much!!! I went this past saturday for my fitting and I absolutely fell in love all over again, it's so great nowing you made the right decision! Go back in a month to see how it all went! This is before she took the scissors to the bottom and pinned it all up! haha scariest moment ever!
  6. @@kcole123 hmm now that I know i won't have to pay for the white ones I just might do that too! It definitely will be different and I'm sure everyone will love it. Everytime I tell my group or show them pictures they get so excited. And seriously how many people can say they had their wedding reception on a boat! I'm super nervous because I am doing my ceremony with them too on the beach and I really don't want anyone seeing me in my dress before I walk down the aisle.. guess I will be changing in the bathroom and making everyone close their eyes?? haha im sure it will be an adventure!
  7. @@kcole123 I am using carribean celbrations as well! I have been back and forth with them for well over 5 months because I keep changing everything and they have been completely awesome about it haha. La Barcaza provides the tables, chairs & cutlery free of charge. I'm not sure about the plates, they are in the qoute I have but I think that is only because I wanted a specific plate so it's a little more. Have you emailed them yet to get a qoute? She has always gotten back to me extremely quickly and their prices seem pretty reasonable. I'm not doing anything crazy, just tablecloths, chair
  8. @@jwalsh you must be getting so excited!! I don't think I'm doing assigned seating but I am also going to do the 8 person tables. Are you guys having a sweetheart table? I can't decide if we should sit by ourselves or not. Also what company are you using to decorate and what kind of decorations are you doing?
  9. @@cubanaboliviana thank you! the back is what sold it for me! and I absolutely love the bottom of your dress. I originially was trying to find a stella york dress with a similar bottom but no where around me had one that I could try on. It looks so light weight for july!
  10. Thanks @@AllieH ! It was either this or colored margarita salts but I thought these might be a little more useful! Definitely no white powder or oregano! haha
  11. Hi ladies, I have a quick question/wanted to get some opinions on my idea for our group favors. I live in North Carolina and me and my FI love love love to grill and cook with pretty much any and every kind of seasoning we can find. There is a specialty store near us http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/ and they have said that if I am buying the spices as my favors (the smaller 2 oz glass bottles) they will give me a discount because it's pretty much free advertising. I want to give each guest one (maybe 2 money permitting) of our favorite spice with a silly little note. I think these repre
  12. Okay so these aren't the best pictures and I actually bought a dress before this and had to sell it because after seeing this I just knew it would never be the one. Going to my fitting in 2 weeks!
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