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  1. Wow that is a big party!! The price depends on whether you plan to host the dinner at your hotel or somewhere else. I did some research a few weeks ago and when we included the cost for transportation for all our guests invited to the dinner, it turned out to be the same $ (and less hassle) to host it at our hotel. We spent about $30 a person for a salad and entree (no dessert). Plus whatever they drink which in our case an additional $10-$15 pp. Hope the helps!
  2. Hi @bergon I actually priced out all options for our wedding and paying a flat fee for a 'reduced option' opened bar was by far the most affordable option. It included beer, wine and 2 mixed drink options. I had a mixed crowd of 35 alcoholic drinkers and 15 non, so our hotel was flexible and gave us a different rate for the non-alc drinkers. That made all the difference in $$
  3. We worked with Esperanza for our wedding last week too and they were great. Perfect music for ceremony and cocktail hour. Adds a nice elegant touch with all the instruments they play. Highly recommend Grupo Amigos.
  4. This was what Alma's stylist did. I was very happy with it. She was quick too. Took about an hour.
  5. This was my inspiration photo..next I'll upload the actual hairdo
  6. @broflo The Sheraton requires a 10 room, 2-night block minimum for the night before your wedding and night of. This became a challenge when guests found better deals thru Costco.com. At the end, we made it work since we paid for most those reservations for family. That expense was about $4000. The rest of the cost was really for food/bev. For 50 guests we spent about $8500 for cocktail hour and appetizers, premium buffet and open bar for 5 hours plus a 3 hour Bon fire following our reception. Worth every penny. Our guests are still talking about our wedding. Truly a great time. Also, their ven
  7. I highly recommend the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar which is within the Cabo del Sol community. It's an amazing hotel with outdoor and indoor venue options, terrace, poolside or ballrooms. We were married there last week and I fell in love with this hotel. The hotel design is amazing, staff is super friendly and their chapel (which allows for a Catholic ceremony) is small and cute. It was perfect for us. Our guests were also equally impressed.
  8. I used Alma for my wedding last week too and her stylist was great! My hair trial was fast and I loved my hair on my wedding day. The only complain I have was my bobby pins came loose within an hour of having my hair done. She could have placed them tighter but I managed to shove them back in. Hair was semi-messy by the time I hit the dance floor. I wished it would have stay in place but it's near impossible when you hug so many people and folks tug on your vail. I recommend Alma's staff. Great job
  9. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/226993/width/200/height/400[/img] http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/content/type/61/id/226994/width/200/height/400[/img] Hi Brides! I've received a lot of private messages lately so I forgot who asked to see my actual bouquet from our wedding last week. Here is a photo of the inspiration photo and of my actual bouquet. It was smaller than I expected and the roses were soft and not as fresh but it looked similar to what I asked for. The lace and pins used to wrap the stems were exactly what I had requested. I went with Mazarte Floral.
  10. Hi again Flo I actually had a time share at Casa Dorada and considered hosting our wedding there but their coordinator last year (forgot her name) was so unresponsive. Prices were good, attention to detail and responsiveness horrible. That was the most frustrating part. Also, this hotel is on Medano Beach so there's a lot of visitor-vendor traffic on that beach. The hotel itself is beautiful, very modern, and their suites have a small kitchen with fridge, stove and microwave so if guests are up for a 5 minute drive to the Walmart Supercenter to load up on food and drinks, they will save a ton
  11. I planned it on my own with a lot of help from the Sheraton event coordinator. He was amazing.
  12. @flo628 Would you mind sharing what he is charging you? I feel like my DJ quote was a bit high.
  13. I had budgeted $1000. I'm going to end up spending about $1250 for: my bouquet, 1 boutonnière, 10 aisle rose bunches for chapel, 7 table centerpieces and a few flowers for cake decor.
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