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  1. I got mine about 3 weeks after we got home. It came via DHL.
  2. Hello ladies, I can't believe that we have been married 50 days now! It is surreal doing up the thank you vards and going through pictures. Since I have the wedding planning void, I am just in the planning stages of starting an Etsy business (for wedding stuff, I DIY'd just about everything) when we return from our Honeymoon. One of the things I am going to sell is little "emergency kits" for the welcome bags, with tide sink packs, some tylenol, pepto etc if you are interested at all let me know! I can send pictures. Some of the things went over really well and I am glad we did them!
  3. I wanted to wear a heel for the ceremony and ended up with a nice sparkely pair. I could not wait to get out of them because it was so hot. I ended up pitting on my "wedding flops" right after (see attached) blue was our secondary color. I am also in the process of starting an Etsy business for these so let me know if interested.
  4. Our wedding called for "torrential down pour" everyday. It end up sprinkling for about 10 minutes at 4:00pm daily. The only time for us there was "down pour" was 15 minutes before the wedding. I also have naturally curly hair. I was worried as well. I took a picture of what i wanted and they made it look EXACTLY like that. I was shocked. They used many a tricks and potions I have never seen before. I got more than 1 "your hair looks so healthy and shiny" out of my wedding party there was only 1 of 5 that did not have curly hair and we all had it turn out well. Just make sure the picture you take is exactly what you want. It was not possible to communicate having something from this and something from that. Also for my make up i showed her the picture (from pinterest) for 10 seconds and it was exact! The eyeliner was a little heavier than expected but it worked very well for pictures.
  5. I promise you will not be disappointed! And based on the amount of hairspray in my hair, I am still surprised my hair didn't "go up"
  6. First of all, DJ Disco Movil MADE the night. For our wedding we sent him over our list of song for Entrance, First Dance, Father-Daughter/Mother Son, Wedding Party, Cake Cutting, & Final Dance. These are what he will send you a little form to fill out the week(ish) before. We also included about 10 songs we wanted to hear over the course of the evening. He got all of these things in plus was super good about requests. He chose the most perfect songs for our group! The whole room was up dancing all night. Did you go with uplighting? For me, I found it created a whole lot of atmosphere for not a lot of cost.
  7. The chairs that are used at your ceremony get moved to the reception venue. So one set of bows for one set of chairs!
  8. 'One lesson I learned was: It rained 15 minutes before our wedding and because of this our ceremony was pushed back to 5:40pm as a result we ran out of light for pictures. If I could redo things I wished I would have been cautious and had the ceremony at 4:00pm to build in time for nature. In regards to having people eat on their own. The food at this resort was unbelieveable at the wedding. Several guests said: "this was the best wedding meal I've ever had." Put yourself in these peoples shoes... You have spent thousands of dollars to bear witness to your day. how would tou feel to go all this way for a ceremony and cake? It is not a big deal to have the 2.5 hrs between things. There are bars 8 feet away from everything! Plus it is so so hot, getting out of the heat is a treat! Good luck on what you decide! In hi dsite I wish I would habe had the ceremony earlier! Did you only have the one centerpiece? What did you do for the other tables? Did you request certain colors for the flowers?
  9. I would Like to make an amendment to the above review. I have heard back from the resort and they are refunding our US$80 that was asked of our guests from the waitstaff. It's the best that I can hope for and it's too bad the situation happened but in my opinion the wedding department deslt with it exactly how I was hoping them too.
  10. The 3 gentleman were our 3 waiters for the evening. I have travelled to Mexico aLOT and have never felt unsafe. I feel telling someone that 3 of them will go with the single lady to her room so they can open their safe is way out of line. Also, one of our wedding guests at the end of the night went to shake the waiters hand and the waiter put his hand out and expressed the gratuity wasn't covered. I am so angry about all of this. The wait staff saying drinks weren't included and to get them yourself. I did not expect anthing like this because I have never seen it in any review. Alex (the F&B manager) and Pilar said they would like to meet with our lady and gentleman who witness it after they spoke to their staff. They never got back to us. Disappointing.
  11. For our event the whole wedding oarty was on the prefered side so it was a non-issue. If you have a large wedding party it may be a bigger issue the club is not huge. There were only 3 of us. We were upgraded to prefered from regular side gardenview.
  12. Hello All, I just posted my review for some reason I can't link it. search "now jade wedding review" we had a less than stellar end to our night. Something to be aware of. As an aside the planners are amazing and I promise you have nothing to worry about in our 10 days there were 19 weddings! they have got you covered.!
  13. We just got back 2 days ago. I love the idea of the candy bar. The heat and humidity was off the charts. I would suspect that despite the beaury of the candy bar it would stick together. We ended up giving luggage tags that I sourced and all put together and they went over fairly well. Isela is on medical leave currently. She was my coordinator up until about 3 weeks ago (we got married 1 week ago) I was turned over to Camen and she is a dream!
  14. I think this sounds like a solid plan. I also got charged the 15% service charge on everything not just food and drink. I wonder if that all gets thrown into the mix as well?
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