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  1. Thanks, all! You're really selling me on it Have to try to order it this month since it's 10% off @ David's Bridal - plus you can't beat a dress that costs $399!
  2. Contracted with Brilliant! Very excited. We're also officially booked at our villa! We're going to come in a few days early, so now I have to add that to the list My vendor update: Catering: no progress, but still looking @ Kissing Fish and Caicos Catering Flowers: emailed Environmental Arts and Flowergirlprovo for quotes Planner: emailing with Nila and Tropical DMC to get a better understanding of an unbundled quote that just involves the ceremony and day-of support (with maybe <5 hours prior) Makeup/hair: no progress. Want to identify some more vendors Invitations: we picked our invitations through zazzle; the design has one targeted at those coming to our destination wedding (Eat, Drink, and Be Married theme), and another for those who will join our reception in California one month later (Ate, Drank, and Got Married theme) Happy planning!
  3. Hi all! Just booked our villa for a May 2014 wedding (looks like May 11 will be our date). We're very excited and now I'm starting to go forward with other planning. First, a few questions for any with experience. Second, I've listed the vendors we're eyeing and some first impressions... 1) Has anyone done a small (under 20 ppl) villa wedding without a coordinator? Any tips (particularly around getting an officiant and the legal "stuff") 2) Anyone have experience with a planner for a small / basic wedding? If so, who and approx cost? We're 10 guests and just doing it at the house we're staying at, so I'm not looking for anything crazy - maybe just license and day-of assistance 3) Does anyone have experience with Charlene Escoe @ Events by Escape? I liked that she unbundles her services, but haven't seen any reference to her on the boards Vendors 1) LOVING Brilliant's portfolio for photos. Thinking of going with Anita for 3 hours day-of, followed by a trash-the-dress session day after 2) We'd like to go Kissing Fish since everyone raves, but they're quoting $1500 just for dinner for 12 people. Yikes. I may research a private chef instead 3) Clearly ShequePerfection is a favorite. I do want hair/makeup, but may try to go with a lower price point. I don't wear much makeup and not sure I want to go all-out Since we're just doing something with all our friends that are staying with us @ the villa, we won't do a band/music or a bar (just the grocery store for the 5 days we're all staying there!), which will be a nice cost savings. Any other fun ideas for the evening are welcome!
  4. Petesoup - we just rented a villa for our wedding May next year. I pretty much know all the vendors I want, and we're only 11 guests so debating if a planner is really needed. How did you get an officiant, and beach setup, and would you have liked day-of help? Thanks!
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