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  1. Thanks, all! You're really selling me on it Have to try to order it this month since it's 10% off @ David's Bridal - plus you can't beat a dress that costs $399!
  2. Contracted with Brilliant! Very excited. We're also officially booked at our villa! We're going to come in a few days early, so now I have to add that to the list My vendor update: Catering: no progress, but still looking @ Kissing Fish and Caicos Catering Flowers: emailed Environmental Arts and Flowergirlprovo for quotes Planner: emailing with Nila and Tropical DMC to get a better understanding of an unbundled quote that just involves the ceremony and day-of support (with maybe <5 hours prior) Makeup/hair: no progress. Want to identify some more vendors Invitations: we picked
  3. Hi all! Just booked our villa for a May 2014 wedding (looks like May 11 will be our date). We're very excited and now I'm starting to go forward with other planning. First, a few questions for any with experience. Second, I've listed the vendors we're eyeing and some first impressions... 1) Has anyone done a small (under 20 ppl) villa wedding without a coordinator? Any tips (particularly around getting an officiant and the legal "stuff") 2) Anyone have experience with a planner for a small / basic wedding? If so, who and approx cost? We're 10 guests and just doing it at the house we're st
  4. Petesoup - we just rented a villa for our wedding May next year. I pretty much know all the vendors I want, and we're only 11 guests so debating if a planner is really needed. How did you get an officiant, and beach setup, and would you have liked day-of help? Thanks!
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