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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by LovelyGemini LOL I hated those DR summers! On the resort, at least it's more comfortable since you always have the ocean breeze, fans and AC all over the resort. They have many different sized ballrooms, some on the smaller size. One of the Mallorca ballrooms should be fine for 60-80 people. If we reach the 120 mark we're anticipating, my WC told me they can open the divider that breaks up the two larger ballrooms. The ballrooms really are very elegant looking and when we visited, we didn't even see it set up for a party, just a conference. Plus, they can set up some basic draping like Bar Higuey and it will be included, depending on your package. Another bride also got recently married there and posted a picture of the ballroom with some really cool lighting. I've been meaning to ask my WC what they charge for that. thank you for the advice. I want an elegant feel to the wedding and the ballroom and rooftop deck are just going hand in hand for me. and wow 120 that is quite the list. I'm trying to trim the invite list but every time I talk to my mother, FI or grandmother (whos also my travel agent) the list just increases more and more. we started at about 45 guest and now were going into the 80's and still adding. a question for you ladies. what is everyone doing about save the date and invitation timing. I was thinking of sending my save the dates, rsvp's and an enclosure with accommodation info and after everyone rsvps sending out invites.
  2. thanks lovelygemini i love the view of the resort and how quiet and peaceful it is up there and the location is great. I'm also from DR and spent an excruciating two weeks there in august, least to say i came back completely black! I'm looking more towards the ballroom but don't know if it will be too large of a room for my party (anywhere from 60-80 guests) and thats a really good point I'm going to bring that point up.
  3. Ive finally been confirmed for 8/23/14 at BBPD. YAY!! @tricia-m I absolutely fell in love with the pictures of the roof top deck so the ceremony will be on the roof top deck. I'm shooting for bar higuey but with my wedding being in august I'm afraid it'll be too hot and maybe opt for the ballroom with the AC. Are any of you ladies having guest at the wedding that are not staying in the resort? Some of my FI family live in the capital and they are coming too the wedding but we don't wanna have to pay for a day and night fee because the ceremony starts at 5.
  4. Hey ladies, I have been following this thread for quite sometime and am so grateful to have found it. You are all so helpful and have so much insight, so thank you all. I am planning on getting married at BBPD august 23, 2014. I sent my wedding reservation form almost a week ago and have yet to heard back from anyone. Can anyone of you ease my anxiety and tell me how long they usually take to respond. Please and thank you.
  5. my grandmother is a travel agent and shes been finding my fiance and i great deals through the airlines. go through a travel agent they ahve so many more connections and know whats the best thing to do.
  6. i have also read all 103 pages of this thread and it has been so helpful. Sandyphimp I'm also planning on getting married august 2014 and im so nervous and excited to start making everything concrete. I set a budget of $13000 but as my guest list gets bigger and bigger i know its going to have to increase. what day are you planning for?