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    November 07, 2014
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    Dreams Riviera Cancun - Ceremony: North Beach, Reception: Ballroom
  1. You're very welcome, and thank you for the kind words. Personal flowers included my bouquet, all bridesmaids bouquets, the boutonnieres, corsages and petals for flower girl. I purchased my jewelry at Charming Charlies. Believe it or not they were on clearance! The chargers I rented through Elisa. I showed her a pic of something I liked and while they didn't have what was on the pic, what she recommended was WAY better. She's so sweet. You're going to absolutely love working with her. Congrats and let me know if you have any additional questions.
  2. **MY REVIEW** Rehearsal Dinner: Wine Cellar Ceremony: North Beach Reception: Ballroom We didn't do cocktail hour. Instead we let our guest go and refresh. The best decision we could have made. It also gave me and my hubby time to refresh before heading to the reception. Wedding date: November 4, 2014 @ 4pm Can't figure out how to leave a formal review, so I'll just post here. We were married November 8, 2014 - Dreams Riviera. Elisa was our coordinator. Everything was beyond perfect. ELISA IS AMAZING! Try not to stress. I know not talking to them on the phone can be tough but as you get closer you'll get your turn. Trust me! We went to visit the resort a few months before our wedding and met with Elisa and Claudia (the flower guru). If your budget allows for this, I'd strongly recommend it. It made all the difference in the world, especially for my peace of mind. The only thing I'd caution you about is the wine cellar. We went there for our rehearsal dinner. We were prepared for the $800 purchase fee (we love wine). However, the Maitre D was taking orders from guests which drove up our tab, without our permission. We ultimately had to get management involved to get this resolved. We ended up paying about $100 more (after negotiating with them). The guy there really tried to get over on us. Be VERY clear if you decide to book the wine cellar. I literally stomped off because he made me SO mad. The worst part of the entire trip! We also had problems getting in the rooms. Many of my guests, including my mom, didn't get in their rooms until late that evening. That was NOT good. Lucky for them I knew nothing about it because they sent my hubby and I to the VIP area and we had our planning meeting directly after our check-in. My guests were also very careful about keeping anything crazy away from me. All guests booked through my travel agent so there was no reason for the mix-up. What I was eventually told is they overbooked. We used an outside vendor for our personal flowers - Floreria Riviera. This saved us a bunch of money and the personal flowers were beautiful. I didn't have to pay the outside vendor fee, because I didn't tell the coordinator. We met the vendor outside the hotel. All other flowers (and we had lots) were ordered through the hotel. They were beautiful! The cake was pretty, but in hindsight I probably would have gone with something cheaper, also the colors were slightly off (although still beautiful). We used their cake vendor. My biggest disappointment (in regards to vendors) was the photographer. We went with Adventure Photography, the photographer referred by the venue. We should have hired someone outside and spent the extra money. I have pretty high standards when it comes to photography and they didn't meet them. We had lots of details and special moments that she really missed We also didn't know who our photographer was until like the day before the wedding. If you're getting married in November, I'd strongly recommend moving your wedding to about 4pm. We actually moved ours up twice while we were there. I want to say originally it was scheduled for 5. We moved it up to 4pm. Lastly, I brought an Event Planner with me. She was contracted as a month of coordinator. If your budget allows this, I would ABSOLUTELY make the investment. She handled everything (including getting everything back home), which made my life SO MUCH EASIER. She also dealt with my guests, which was critical given the room situation. I was able to relax and be the bride. For me, the ability to enjoy my experience was paramount. Bringing someone with me was likely the smartest decision we made. It was my hubby's gift to me. It was WELL WORTH the cost. Absolutely WOULD recommend, especially if you have lots of details and guests. We had a total of 54 guests. For make-up I used Styling Trio. I purchased the service that included ceremony and a trial run that I used for the rehearsal dinner. My hair stylist came with us, so I didn't use any hair service there. I would recommend this company. Very professional and the make-up was really nice. As for linens, I'm part owner in a linen rental company and brought my own. The chargers were rented through the venue. All stationary we brought with us. I used the venue's DJ and lighting company. For the reception we hired the cigar roller. It was set-up on the balcony and opened about an hour before the end of the reception. That was a HIT. You'll see it in the pictures. We brought our own cognac. My hubby is a cigar guy so this was my surprise to him. Here's a link to a few pics. Let me know if you're unable to access the link or if I can answer any questions. Happy Planning ladies! Loving married life https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10203160745089213.1073741844.1525052298&type=1&l=536f70d1c0 Also...North beach is the place to go for ceremony. It's the most private. Also, because of all the trouble with the rooms they upgraded us to the President suite. I was able to walk out from the balcony onto north beach. Not sure what the rate is for the President Suite, but if you're going that route, certainly get the one on North beach. You will NOT be sorry. #DreamsRivieraReview #AdventurePhotos #StylingTrio #MonthofCoordinator #Floreria Riviera #NorthBeach #Ballroom #RivieraMexico
  3. how in the hell do you post a review?

  4. We had our wedding at Dreams November 8th. It was absolutely amazing. I'll post a review shortly.
  5. Anyone working with Syling Trio? I've read great things about them, but Adrian is booked which means I'll have to work with someone else on his team. Any feedback on this company and working with artist other than adrian?
  6. I'm considering booking them, however Adrian is not available. Have you worked with Brenda on his team? Are they all just as good? Im considering them, however Adrian is not available. Wondering about his other associates. Are they just as good?
  7. Has anyone worked with Floreria Riviera Maya? I'm really concerned about paying the 100 per bridesmaids bouquet. It just seems extensive. I'm considering them for the personal flowers, not our centerpieces because I don't want to pay the outside vendor fee. Looking for a few bride reviews. Would love to hear your experience.
  8. Anyone hiring an outside DJ or have any recommendations? Visual Sound is booked.
  9. I heard back from Dreams Riviera today. They confirmed that the table sizes are 72" round and 6ft long. Thanks everyone.
  10. Does anyone know the size of their banquet tables? Are they 60" or 72" round? I'm bringing my own linens and really prefer the 60" round. When I ask my coordinator she can't give me an exact answer. Do you by chance know the size of the tables?
  11. Thank you for the credit union information. I found one in my area that doesn't charge an international fee. Woohoo. That's going to save us several hundreds of dollars!
  12. I was told that you can only pay up to $3000 in a travelers check and that you couldn't pay with multiple travelers checks (i.e. get several in increments of 3k to equal your total balance). Has anyone been told anything like this? We prefer to pay via TC to avoid the international fees (and we don't want to get an international credit card.) Anyone have any advise or knowledge of the above? I think you can have another DJ you just have to pay the outside vendor fee.
  13. We selected certain items to taste. The beef wellington, chicken and red snapper. Make sure you recommend a cake tasting because we didn't get to do that. Currently we're on the platinum, but I may move to the buffet silver because there are just more options. Also, beef wellington - not good!
  14. Looking for a place to purchase the barefoot sandals. Any recommendations. I've checked etsy and ebay.
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