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  1. @ sweetheartaggie: That is an amazing replica that really looks like a designer dress!! I guess I just don't know what to think about babyonline because that is so good!!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by amarylka First I paid $ 260 for a dress. Secondly, I did not expect that my dress will look like the original. For this price is unrealistic. I wanted to be made ​​like gold dress as the picture got from the seller before buying. You can see photos and compare that mine is made ​​much worse than a golden dress. Besides before buying I agreed with the seller of my requirements. All they have been ignored. I hope that this time we will reach a compromise and I'll get another dress that would be suitable for a wedding I'm so sorry this happened to you. I looked into using babyonline too but there were just too many complaints. I think that if you are trying to get a simple dress made that babyonline can make great simple dresses at amazing prices but if you want something a little more complex then they really can't handle that type of thing. I don't think you should have to choose from dresses that they have in stock you should be able to get your money back and go buy a dress that YOU choose. This is really sad and I'm so sorry that you are going through it. I was terrified that this would happen to me before I got the pics of my dress. My dress cost $550 which is way more than you paid but I think it was well worth it for a well made dress plus they only made me pay 10% as a down payment so I wasn't too concerned.
  3. So I finally got pictures of my completed dress from heravintageco on ebay and forgot to do review on here until someone on here sent me a PM asking about them. The only complaint that I had about them is that they were a little late getting my dress done but other than that everything was great! I love the dress and never thought that they would be able to get it this close to the original for so much less money. They only made me pay 10% of the total as a down payment so I felt totally secure about that, all the other sellers that I talked to wanted either 50% or 100% down before they would make my dress. So that means that if I hated the dress that I would have lost all that money. I asked for the strap over the shoulder to be just one elegant wavy piece of fabric instead of having the tulle like the original and I also asked for the flower on the neckline to be a little less large and dominant. I think they made both changes very nicely and can't believe I got such an awesome dress for so much less than the original! Thank you to the ladies who offered their support while I was waiting for my dress! Here is the replica: Here is the original:
  4. @Vivaliciouschic Thanks so much at least now I know that they are still in the normal time frame for how long some companies take to make a dress. I will look into dressilyme in case I don't get my dress. So far their site and dresses posted on here made by them look amazing! Thanks for letting me know really appreciate it!!!
  5. Has anyone used an ebay seller called heravinageco? Their email is heradressco@gmail.com. I ordered form them 35 days ago and I'm nervous. I only paid them 10% of the total as a down payment which was $57 but my wedding is Dec. 14 so I'm really worried about the time. If they screw me over does anyone have any suggestions about who might make my dress in less than 2 months? How long did it take for other peoples dresses to be finished? Any reassurance at all would be very appreciated.
  6. Hi I ordered my dress online from an ebay seller and I'm getting a little worried its been 35 days since I ordered. I only had to pay 10% of the cost as a down payment which was $57 so if they do screw me that is all I will have lost but what worries me is that my wedding is 2 and a half months away. How long did it take for others to get their dresses? The sellers ebay name is heravintageco and their email is heradresscompany@gmail.com has anyone heard of them or had experience with them? If they don't deliver on my dress does anyone have any suggestions about who might make one for me in less than 2 months. Please help I'm so nervous!
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