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  1. hahaha LOL even when I can't sleep I'm spending time on this site
  2. After our engagement I couldn't wait to call my mother, to bring her the exciting news. At the time she was visiting my little sister in Germany, as she is studying abroad. I totally forgot about the time difference so I called them in the middle of the night At first my mother answered shocked, as she thought something happened. But after bringing her the news she was overjoyed! The day after she and my little sister already started planning the wedding etc! She wanted to give me my 'something new' for the wedding. She was a bit overly excited and wanted to buy a pearl necklace.. My little sister told her about a brand from Germany called mesenso. A German friend of hers bought some jewelry from that brand once. They googled it and for now they only have a German webshop, as the are creating a .com webshop as well. As impulsive as my mother is she really wants to buy that necklace Does one of you know this brand? And is it possible to send the necklace overseas, or do you have to pay extra?
  3. I love Texas pete hot sauce! and my own home made hot sauce!
  4. My H2B and me decided to have children at the wedding as he already has a son from a previous relationship. We already discussed this before our engagement, and we agreed to have children at the reception. We want to include everyone in this wedding
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    Thank you all for the warm welcome! It certainly is overwhelming, but I'm sure to find enough info, resources and support here! As you guys already said I'll first pick the location!
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    Hi all, My name is Denise and my H2B recently popped the question. I'm so excited to be engaged, that I can't wait for the actual date! That's why I read a lot of threads on this forum. Thanks for the amount of information available! We're still looking for a location and have to pick an exact date. I actually don't know where to begin..
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    Hi all!

    Hi all, My name is Denise, I'm 27 and my H2B, Greg, popped the question last week! I'm so excited and I can't stop daydreaming. We don't have a date yet but we would like to marry in June. We don't know where we want to get married. We are still looking for a venue. We live in San Jose, California. I can't wait to see what everyone has to share. x Denise
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