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  1. Not sure if you've already picked a place, but my uncle is a travel agent who knows the Director of Sales at the Maui Visitors Bureau. He suggested getting married at Old Lahaina Luau, and then all of the guests can stay for the drinks, luau, and dinner. From their experience, this is the best quality luau in terms of food and location. http://www,oldlahainaluau.com They also recommended an excellent hotel, good price (although I think it's still a little pricey) and right on the beach: http://www.royallahaina.com I ended up sticking with a destination beach wedding in Honolulu for this upcoming Feb 2014. Still on the search for a beachside ceremony site, so any suggestions would be more than welcome!
  2. Ok so after YEARS of engagement, I've finally decided to bite the bullet and start this planning... now very last minute as we have settled on a destination wedding in Honolulu this Feb 2014 (less than 6 months away - yikes!). To all my fellow Calgarians - I'm hoping you can provide any recommendations for booking travel agents? I can figure out the accommodations etc after but have about 25-35 people flying from Calgary to Honolulu (plus a few scattered ones in St. Louis and NY). I've tried WestJet and AirCanada but was hoping to be able to streamline this and redirect everyone to a travel agent for a group booking. Any suggestions of a good travel agency or agent?? I tried searching all the threads, but most of the related posts look older than 2 years so might be outdated. Please help as I'm in a mad rush to pull this all together!!
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