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  1. HI ladies! I got married May 7, and am happy to answer questions https://www.facebook.com/abbie.lacey/media_set?set=a.10154203480290276.1073741827.539995275&type=3
  2. @@Feath07 We had a group of 48. The food was fantastic. Our wedding was catered by Hunter (the steakhouse) and our guests loved it. I ate at all the restaurants at the Royalton (although none at Memories) several times and wasn't disappointed. My best advice is to arrive more than a couple days before your wedding so you have time to check out the resort, try some of the restaurants - and most importantly - meet with Claribel and Yessy. I ended up changing my boutonnieres, reception location, and a few other details once I arrived and got a feel for everything and got to witness some other weddings in passing.
  3. Just got back from two weeks at Royalton, and our wedding was May 7. It went very well. Claribel and Yessy are amazing! We had 48 people in our group, a lot of them booked Ocean View Swim Up, and as those rooms were overbooked, many people were moved to other rooms. I saw very few rooms that could really be classified as "ocean view" anyway. Overall, awesome experience.
  4. My wedding is officially all paid for. The only "deal" I was offered was a $30 credit towards my bouquet as I didn't choose one that was included in my package. I'm hoping that once I get on site and meet the wedding planner I can negotiate a little more.
  5. I'm getting married this May at the Royalton Punta Cana and my whole group is flying out of St. John's. We booked the trip in October, and other than those who chose higher upgrades, everyone is paying under $1800. My biggest advice would be don't book with LeGrow's Travel like I did (huge headache, lots of errors on our file and poor customer service).
  6. My final payment is due in a few days! I'm trying to finalize flowers and couple other details. Any previous brides, or brides who have already paid: Did Laura give you any deals/discounts/negotiate anything with you? I'm just wondering, because I have over 50 guests and with the prices of extras, taxes on every chair, etc. it's really adding up, and if anyone had any success with bargaining, I may give it a shot! lol
  7. @@blueyes80 I've hired Asia Pimentel as my photographer. Haven't decided on hiring a DJ yet, because we're so picky about the music we want..haha We're having a cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres, so no buffet or seated meal. We have almost 60 people so I didn't want to spend the $85+ for a meal when we're also having a big reception at home. My thought is that most guests will go get something for dinner between our ceremony and reception while we're getting pictures anyway. @@ShawnaV did you get your hair and makeup done at the resort? If so, how did you find it? Did you do a consultation prior to your wedding day?
  8. @@blueyes80 I was between Hard Rock and Royalton myself. The deciding factor was the price for my guests to fly/stay. The Hard Rock wedding packages do seem better though. I ended up getting the free package and just adding on all the things I wanted. It works out to be less expensive than getting one of the bigger packages. I also sent pictures of centerpieces and bouquets I liked for quotes instead of choosing from the overpriced options in the catalogue they sent me, which saved some money. I'm getting married on the beach and having a poolside reception. I will post pictures when I return for anyone who is interested in the locations. I know it's been frustrating for me that I couldn't see pictures of reception locations.
  9. Just curious if Laura has been responding to your e-mails lately? She normally gets back to me within a day or two, but since I asked her for a price quote two weeks ago, I haven't heard a thing.
  10. @@KaDeidra262 She didn't mention anything to me about lowering menu prices! If she sends you a new menu, would you mind sharing? This process is getting frustrating. I have to agree with @@Soon2bMrsClark, the flower prices are far too high. But, I just read this review, which may ease your minds a little: http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowUserReviews-g147293-d4939796-r193907791-Royalton_Punta_Cana_Resort_Casino-Punta_Cana_La_Altagracia_Province_Dominican_Re.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT
  11. @@DWBride2015 I haven't asked her about a welcome dinner yet. My last e-mail to her was a week ago to ask for an official price quote on everything I've chosen so far and she hasn't responded yet. I plan to ask if the semi-private reservation included in the wedding packages can be used for a welcome dinner, since I'm paying to have a private reception instead on my wedding day.
  12. @@Soon2bMrsClark Let me know if you get any pricing info! I sent some pictures to Laura of bouquets and centerpieces I like and she's getting me a quote on them. I will let everyone know what kind of prices she comes back with.
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