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  1. Hi Ladies, My wedding is fast approaching (October 11th) and i have 6 girls that are getting ready at the spa. I am wondering how much in tip have previous brides provided? I am assuming 15-20% but i know that we also dont provide tips aat the wedding so not sure if this applies here as well. Thanks!!! Veronica
  2. We actually just submitted our planner to the hotel. Super exciting . Planning has been so smooth..no stress for the past year; kind of incredible if you ask me.... Now I am just stressed because we're one month away haha and im just freaking out cause its so SOON! Time seriously will fly by! Have you already reserved your date? Message me your email so i can do a formal intro
  3. Yea I wish i could say i was super smart and thought about it all in detail, but it was all our wedding planner; she really put things into perspective. If i decided on my own i would have gone with the taylor package and spent a shitload (pardon my french) for just a BBQ...lol not worth it. Plus the allure package had more of what we wanted as far as decorations. If you want our wedding planners' contact info let me know and i can put you two in contact. Vero
  4. Hi Ladies, Congrats to all and happy planning!! I'm in the middle stages of planning our wedding which will be on Oct. 11, 2014 at the Beach Side Gazebo and have chosen the pool terrace for the reception. We chose the Allure package based on the suggestions from our wedding planner due to the number of guests possibly attending. Everything is going soooo smoothly (thank you Theresa if you are reading this!!) BUT, I have 6 bridesmaids and are trying to figure out their make-up hair situation. I saw the pricing is about 120 per BM @ the salon, which is a bit expensive. Are you girls paying for one or the other, or just paying for the whole thing? xx
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by yalitza0408 Happy Planning Ladies!! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks Jolly Jolly, Thank you so much; this was incredibly helpful (thanks! to all the other ladies as well). By the way great wedding website!! You have some really awesome ideas especially the Wedding App that i am now looking into and possibly stealing
  6. Hi Girls, Happy Freaking Planning!!! I need some help/advice: I am having some issues with finding a travel agent that will quote a good group rate for our wedding next year. Have any of you had the same issues or mind sharing your contacts and how much you were quoted. I want to make sure i am getting the best deal for all of our guests. Thank you!!
  7. Hi Ladies, Just submitted paperwork to confirm our wedding date which will hopefully be 364 days from today!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Im freaking out a little bit because i don't know how the planning will go with a destination wedding although i am feeling confident after reading a lot of the threads on here. I do need some help/recommendations on what others have done or are planning to do for travel for your guests. Are you using a TA or working directly with PPC? i have seen others use destionationweddding.com too but have seen very mixed reviews. Obviously i want the cheapest option for our guests PLEASE HELP! -V
  8. Hi Ladies, After many headaches, my fiance and i finally narrowed down our DW to Paradisus Punta Cana or Paradisus Palma Real for October 2014. We are still debating between the two....any suggestions/recommendations/preferences?? XX
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