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  1. Thank you girls for being so supportive! I really did feel lost on what to say and I just wasn't sure if people were going to be able to be ok with us not wanting to give a whole explanation. This will be a time where I will see who really will be supportive of us either way. I always worry what people will think and I need to realize that is something that is their problem and I need to care less. Little by little I will get there. Thanks you again
  2. Hey girl/guys, I need help in deciding what the word should be in annoucing that we are in essence canceling our wedding. We sent save the dates last October and we were suppose to get married next year in Puerto Morelos. We are already married legally and having our non legal ceremony in MX. We are going through some problems and we do not plan on breaking up but I feel like we need to work on ourselves before commit to a big wedding. It first started as a way to punish me for being dishonest. We are currently almost back to normal but my husband no longer wants to have our wedding next year. It might happen a year after that but we don't know for sure. What wording can i write to say on a postcard we plan on sending. I don't want to tell anyone our personal business but I know people will ask me. Help!
  3. Just an FYI.. I went to David's Bridal to look at bridesmaids dress ideas as I am getting my custom made. In the goody bag in the front filled with coupons, I found one for AM resorts. It is a $200 credit on wedding extras!!!
  4. Ok I will add that to my list of questions! I am adding the only three pics I have that are of outside castways. It is on the right side in the first one where the ropes are the entrance. You can see the other side of the entrance in the background of the pic. Those are the two entrances. The last one is the view in the afternoon during lunch
  5. You know at first I didn't like it because I really liked the color and lighting of bamboo room. How many in your group? I actually think the lighting might be a good idea. I dont think the wedding party had lighting and it was kind of dark. We were walking to room after dinner and the only reason I noticed there was a party was because of the music. It was a small number of people. I regret not taking any pics of the room inside. There are pictures that have been posted of castatways in the earlier posts of this thread. I believe you can look up the album for this thread. According to the information posts on initial page it says Castaways 7PM to 10PM.
  6. I did a site visit two weeks ago and I did sneak to look at a wedding party at castaways but I don't remember taking note if they had the lighting package. Did Pilar say what difference it would make? Initially I wanted the bamboo room. In seeing various pics that brides had posted it looked big. When I went to visit, it was small so I see why the max is 80 now. That is no longer an option but for castaways we will be kicked out at 10PM! I wanted an extra hour. Maybe I will bump up the hour of ceremony and etc.
  7. I would like it as well to garcia2995@sbcglobal.net I love how everyone is so helpful!
  8. Thank you for your response! I was thinking of only ordering a couple more Hors D'oeuvres because there will be so many gifts. My family and friends will be fine without champagne as they are tequila drinkers! I did read that after 50 you can have a buffet. May I ask why you chose that option? When can I get the wedding contract to see the prices? The 16% service charge is added on total bill except food? Sorry for all the questions but I am feeling overwhelmed! lol I want to pay this wedding cash so I am trying to budget how much I will need to save every month. Thank you!
  9. I was doing a site visit the week after your wedding. We are going to be booking soon at the resort. Can you send me the pics? garcia2995@sbglobal.net
  10. Hi Guys! i have been MIA since I sent out my Save the Dates last November! I am planning to wed at Now Jade in July 2015. I know the resort has gotten a lot more strict with their polices in terms of pricing. I am looking at about 100 guests So the FI has let me increase the budget after he saw the pricing! Does anyone know if the resort will automatically charge you over 25 for the extras (extra cake, extra Hors D'oeuvres, champagne) I am trying to create my budget now!
  11. Hello. Sorry i got off once the TA came on. I did get to listen to Iberostar portion though. Thank you!
  12. Anyone else on iPad app for the meeting telling you the Webinar ID: 525-851-99 is invalid? I am only on the phone listening.
  13. No I have not. Maybe going end of this month!!!!! How is your planning going?
  14. I would like to know as well. Dont see much information out there
  15. Yay excited to see other 2015 brides! My top pick as of right now is Now Jade. They just offer so many good locations and the packages are right on. I am planning on doing a site visit next summer to confirm my resort
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