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  1. We used FedEx without an issue, so I would recommend that. They used DSL to send our marriage license to us after the wedding, so if you have them in your area, you can always try them as well.
  2. @@KG1990 Honestly, don't let the WC's push you into a ballroom if you don't really want to. They kept trying to do that to me, and I was adamant that we stay outside and I'm ssssoooo glad we did. The weather was perfect, a little hot, but all the guest knew that going in, and we provided some sunshades for those that needed it. The bugs AT the resort were never an issue. We did have one couple stay their first night by the airport due to a mix up in their flights, and they came to the resort with over a hundred bites on them each!!! Apparently they went out for dinner and just got attacked
  3. @@JamaicaNicole They didn't charge us for the set up of the bonfire tables, and they just provided the shoe racks (I didn't even know about them until I saw them coming back down the aisle! ha!). They did charge the $50 setup fee for the day of, but considering all they did, that was the biggest bargain of the whole weekend! @@JoannaBanana Thank you! The dress was comfy and light, my main two requirements, ha!
  4. Ok I did find a few more pics that might help.... funny how you don't realize that you don't have any pics of the details until you are trying to find them! Ha! Shoe racks....
  5. Nicole- We just did the bonfire. We had about 85 people there for the wedding, and I didn't feel like paying for booze again that night when everyone was already paying the all inclusive price. It was still nice though. The WC's set up cocktail tables and a bigger table for everyone's Welcome Bags. Honestly it was just a good place for everyone to converge and meet before the wedding since we had people from all walks of life that had not met yet. Honestly I'm also not sure the smores would be worth bringing. The fire was off to the side (I'm assuming as a safely precaution) so we really
  6. Thanks! We had WPA do our photography and Rounald was great! That's so weird! We only had to pay the $200 for the upgrade for the band. I wonder what package you are getting? For a couple of the things I waited until we got there, since I kinda wanted to get a feel for what things looked like, but for everything else, I had let them know prior to arrival. About a month prior they sent my a "Banquet Invoice" and it detailed the total cost of everything that that was super helpful. Good I'm glad they helped! I had to scour the interwebs to learn stuff about Secrets Montego Bay, so
  7. The tables are 72" and seat 10 people. I think we had 8-9 at each to give a little more room
  8. So I just looked and they did charge us the $380. I think maybe what I was thinking of is we had two photographers so they only charged us for the one and I had budgeted for two. So at least it was something.
  9. So we used an outside photographer as well and I know we paid the vendor fee, but I honestly want to say that they didn't charge us for the day passes. I'd have to go home tonight and look at our final invoice to be sure, but I think it was just the $300 for the vendor fee. Also I didn't tell them about the flowers until we got there, and Helen was delivering them only, so I was able to talk them down to $100 for a vendor fee, so that worked in my favor.
  10. We paid for just the reception, since we upgraded to the Steel Drum Band for the cocktail hour.... that was also worth the $200.
  11. @@JamaicaNicole The Jambox is similar to the Pill, so personally I would just go with that. It was definitely loud enough, but honestly it's going to be the farthest thing from your mind at that point, so I'd say save your money. The DJ however is a MUST! Secrets picked the DJ. It was DJ Blu and I cannot express how much I loved this DJ. Hands down the BEST wedding DJ I have ever heard at ANY wedding. Seriously. My friends are STILL talking about him. Absolutely worth the $150/per hour. Do it, and you won't regret it. @@JamaicaNicole The flowers were a different story. I was SUPER pick
  12. @@JamaicaNicole The food was actually really good. I mean it's still all inclusive food, so it wasn't gourmet dining, but definitely better then some of the restaurants we ate while we were there. In fact people are still raving about the mushroom soup that was served. I don't particularly like mushroom soup, but my husband does, do I picked it solely off that fact, but apparently it was the best some people have had. Who would have known?! So if you have the option, do the mushroom soup!
  13. @@JamaicaNicole We did neither. I refused to pay $200 for 20 mins, when a DJ was $150 for a full hour. We just brought our Jambox and had a friend play music for us, easy peasy. What I didn't know until I got up to the alter was they had mic'ed my husband so the guests could hear us. It was either that or the video peeps. Either way, it wasn't something I paid for, and a nice surprise.
  14. @@JamaicaNicole No Problem! I totally understand, I was in your shoes too. There is almost nothing out there about Secrets weddings, so I was so lost! I'm such a planner and it drove me crazy! We got married November 8, 2014. Weather was PERFECT! It was hot but we had a nice breeze, and it didn't rain on us. I will say that it almost always rained everyday we were there between 2pm and 4pm, so I was worried, but lucky for us, it skipped that day.
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