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  1. Hi Feath07, I am getting married at the BBPD on 10.11.14 and I absolutely LOVE the resort and couldn't have chosen another place for our wedding. There's a really active thread on here already specifically for BBPD which is where all the update info and comments are. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/topic/57862-barcelo-bavaro-palace-deluxe/ If you have any specific questions just let me know. Best of luck!
  2. beautiful pictures! thank you for review because I was nervous about using Tropical Pics but now I am not. I hope I have as great an experience with them as you did!
  3. Definitely what I needed to hear! it's so easy to get lost in the details and not appreciate what is happening in the moment! I can't wait for my wedding!!!!
  4. yeah i wonder why some of us can't view this!
  5. this is sooo cute! I think I may do this!!!
  6. This is my wedding color! My bridesmaids are wearing radiant orchid jim hjlem dresses and i'll be adding radiant orchid touches in our centerpieces and overall decor!
  7. Hola! Did anyone ship anything to the resort prior their big day? If so, how did that work out for you? I'm thinking about shipping over my centerpieces, sparklers and general decor. Menus- does the resort print out menus for every guest or do we have to bring our own? If they do give you a menu can someone show me a picture of what their menu looks like? Wedding cake- my coordinator Laura just tells me to send her pictures of what I envision my cake to look like but I'd like to know if anyone had an issue getting them to replicate the cake. Catholic Brides: Anyone getting married in the chapel? If so, how do you plan to decorate and how are you structuring your wedding mass? Anyone having difficulty with all the paper required by the Catholic Church in Punta Cana? Are you also getting married in the US, just in case? My family is advising my fiance and I to get married civilly a few days prior to wedding back home just in case something goes wrong or I don't get our marriage certificate. Sorry for all the questions but I times I think its easier to ask you guys than my WC! I also forgot to ask if anyone has tips on how to make the reception last as long as possible without paying to extend. I think its kind of redic that we have pay for just 1 extra hour!!! Is anyone planning a break in between the ceremony and cocktail hour or in between the cocktail and the start of the reception?
  8. Hi everyone! I also have a lot to go to reach 150! Sometimes I feel like giving in and just paying the $30 but I'm on such a tight budget!
  9. Felicidades chica!!! Thank you so much for the review and allowing us to see pics. It looked like a fabulous time! For now I have the cocktail hour but I may get rid of it to extend the reception for an hour. I hate that they only give us 3 hours! @@candacey Congratulations and thank your for filling us in on your beautiful day! I get so excited when I read bride's reviews. It helps ease some of my anxiety lol
  10. The world truly is very small! Yesterday I was tagged in a post on Instagram by my sorority sister. Her cousin recently attended a wedding at BBPD and he was a guest at Miss.Jali's wedding! I won't repost the pictures here out of privacy for her and her guest but she looked goregous and from what I saw her guests had an amazing time. Her guest who made the instagram post said "Amazing hotel if you need one in DR. Food, service, and people were great. ZERO complaints." Since I haven't visited the resort it was comforting to know that an acquaintance had such a great experience with our wedding resort. Just wanted to share since Miss. Jali has been so helpful and active on this forum. I can't wait to read her review.
  11. Hey chica! I totally agree with you in regards to how costly it is to extend the reception. Who is your wedding planner? I'd keep pressing the issue to see if they'll budge a little. For now that's my plan; bugging Laura about it to see if I can bargain a lower price. It's really frustrating but your guests will understand if you have to move the party to a lounge or to the club. I am also concerned because we are expecting around 100 guests and a 3 hour reception isn't long enough but since I can't afford to extend we'll just go to club if all else fails or I win the lotto! Center pieces - since I've been following this forum for a while I know that previous brides have discussed center pieces a lot but I'd like to know what you guys are doing to decorate and how much your center pieces are costing. A bride on here graciously sent me the "extras pricing" spreadsheet but I refuse to believe that 1 decent looking center piece will cost $60!!! I've flirted with the idea of buying flowers from afloral and shipping them to DR but it seems like a hassle. Up lighting - Is anyone getting up lighting for their reception? Has your WC quoted a price? Also, I am having difficulty deciding when to arrive at the resort. How many days prior to the wedding are guys going to be at the resort?
  12. Hi chicas! Happy New Year! I haven't posted in while because I've been caught up with work/family stuff and with the password change I wasn't able to log in for while so I have a few questions. I bought my dress and I love it! We confirmed our date 10.11.14 @ 5pm and blocked our rooms! I am very excited but also stressed out. Save the dates will be out by the end of the month. However my parents and family members in DR think I should go see the resort now before moving forward. Is anyone else on here planning their wedding without having been to BBPD before? I rather not spend the money on a trip to DR. Does anyone have Laura as their wedding coordinator? I am having a hard time getting her to accommodate what I presume are reasonable requests. Tuxes: Where have your grooms/groomsmen rented tuxes from? Most of the places we looked at have high rental costs since we aren't able to return the tux the next day. Hair/Makeup: Anyone booking with Anna Nuet, or are you utilizing the resort salon? I've contacted her and she is available for my date but since the hair/makeup is in included in my package I'm not sure whether to try my luck with the salon or pay for Anna. Sorry for the million questions but no one in my "real life" understands what I'm going through or why I am so concerned about a Destination Wedding.
  13. Hi girls! I need help with my Fiance's and his groomsmen attire. We are getting married 10.11.14 in Punta Cana and are having a formal wedding in a ballroom. They want to rent tuxes but I don't want the rental cost to be too high given that we will be out of the country for a few days. Any ideas where I can look?
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Annie Lee Quote: Originally Posted by tricia-m @Tina G That's awesome! We're traveling there from November 2nd to November 9th, when will get there? We might actually see each other there. Good morning chicas! Thank you very much Annie for posting the pictures of the chapel. I showed them to my parents and we are both more at ease about choosing this venue without visiting prior to the wedding. Tricia. I'll probably get to the capital on October 4th and head to the resort on Oct. 8th. Columbus Day Weekend worked best for our family and friends so we will no longer be getting married in November. Although we won't see each other I am confidant your wedding will be spectacular. You have already been a great help.
  15. Originally Posted by SoonMrsD I looked into the Hard Rock and the amenities are awesome but then your guests will suffer and pay more than any other resort so you might get fewer people to attend! Quote: Originally Posted by MissJali I have to agree here, the wedding package doesn't really include much and everything is out of pocket and honestly, i could be a little biased, but the videos I've seen of wedding at the Hard Rock don't appear very special. Stick with BBPD!!! Chicas I agree but my fiance is stuck on all the stuff we can get comp'd. However I don't want my guests to spend an arm and a leg for our wedding. For now I am sticking with BBPD but I am afraid that I am only into this resort because of the chapel and the great advice I am receiving on this thread lol Any brides on here planing a Catholic ceremony or have pictures of the chapel Virgen de San Salvador?
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