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  1. @@trbutler Eventually, I'll do a planning thread with templates, but we leave Sunday for the DR and will be gone 2 weeks... Likely won't happen with all the last minute packing/ preparations we have to do.... But, this is what my welcome letter said: Welcome to Paradise Dear Family & Friends, The wait is finally over!! Welcome to sun, sand and relaxation at Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace! We are both so blessed to have you as a part of our epic wedding week. We are especially honored that you have traveled this far to be a part of our wedding celebration. There are no words to describe how much it means to us that you have taken the time, traveled the distance and paid the expense to be here with us during this special time in our lives. Many years from now, when we look back on our life and this day, we'll remember that being surrounded by such amazing people was the perfect beginning to our life as husband and wife. With such a great group of people gathered in one beautiful location, we are sure to have a fantastic week! We hope you enjoy the goodies in this welcome bag. They are just a small token of our appreciation. Please make the most of your vacation here in the Dominican Republic. We hope the next few days will be as memorable for you as they will be for us. So put your feet up, order a drink and enjoy! With Love, Grant & Dianne P.S. Stay hydrated and don't forget your sunscreen!! Needless to say, I took bits and pieces from other brides who have posted on here to create this letter.
  2. @@trbutler Ok, so... I may have gone a little overboard... Each bag will be getting: Personalized beach bag Welcome letter (with wedding day itinerary on the opposite side) Wedding week survival kit which includes: a deck of cards, hand sanitizer, mini lint roller, chapstick (SPF 15), aloe vera gel, 2 bottles of conditioner, q-tips, bobby pins, hair ties, med-lyte, pepto bismol, tylenol, match sticks, gum, dramamine, photosharing info card, roll of tums, sqwincher, shout wipe, and vitamin c. waterproof keycard holder with insert (and spanish phrases) and lanyard 2 personalized koozies 2 stainless steel mugs with thank you tags and sharpies (so they can write whatever they want on it while they are there) cigars for the guys and pashminas for the girls There will also be a handmade ornament with a map of the DR on one side and our wedding logo on the other... haven't decided whether this will be in the bag or on their plate at dinner as the favor.
  3. DianneP


    Pro Excursion Bayahibe is really reasonable and has some awesome options!
  4. @@trbutler you can email them at pioneergroup27@@gmail.com
  5. @@trbutler This is where I got mine... http://pioneergroup27.com/Default.aspx They are $2.50 a piece (and are beautifully made), although they do have a $100 minimum (they ship from New York). I'm also using these for my table runners as those were like $27 a piece when I tried to find some... these are the exact ones I bought in navy and olive green (and I have to say they are beautifully made, the fabric is quality, the color is rich... I'm really happy with them)... http://pioneergroup27.com/Item.aspx?ProductID=70 Seems like you and I are planning the same wedding... so let me know if you need help with anything else. I'm leaving in two weeks for my wedding in the DR and have already been through most of this.
  6. @kellisbaby http://www.thedealrack.com/showproduct.aspx?ProductID=4175&SEName=gemline-tote-bag-g1510-utility @@trbutler That's so weird!!! the sample they sent me was of really poor quality. I'm so glad yours turned out so good!!!
  7. BUYER BEWARE!!! When I was searching for my bags, I ordered a sample of these and they are REALLY cheaply made... it's made out of that cloth that you can tear by hand. If you're going to spend around $3, I would add an extra $1 and buy the ones I posted previously... they come out to $4 a piece and are excellently made! Really durable and great fabric! Nice and big, with a zippered enclosure and removable inside pocket.
  8. @@forevertogether See if this works for the photo. http://imgur.com/NwGh6mm
  9. DianneP

    Photo Sharing Site

    @@megan224 We are using SkyDrive.Live.com... they also have an app for smartphones/ tablets that our guests can download.
  10. @@JenniferM without a doubt. Here's a pic of me holding it so you can get a better idea of the size.... I'm 5'7"...
  11. @@acw271011 Thanks! I wish I could say I came up with it all on my own, but I stole part of it from that link.
  12. Hey Ladies! My fiance and I decided to do an unplugged ceremony (which is basically a ceremony where we ask our guests to not try to take photos) to avoid any awkward photos with random cameras, phones or tablets making an appearance, and also to avoid any of our guests blocking shots from our photographer trying to get their own.... The rest of the time (reception, the rest of the wedding week), they are more than welcome to take pictures and upload/ post them... Here is a great article that explains it... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bridal-guide/why-you-might-want-to-con_b_3331528.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false Here are the cards that I made to put in the welcome bags and also on a table at the ceremony. Let me know your thoughts!
  13. Our photographer's package came with engagement pictures (we are flying her into the DR for our wedding), although we opted to just have a photo shoot on a catamaran the day before our wedding instead... I think those will come out spectacular compared to anything we could come up with state-side for engagement pictures.
  14. That's awesome! What resort are you getting married at?
  15. @@JenniferM They are REALLY nice. The fabric is great quality. they are pretty big (although, not overly large... they are beach bag size). plus there is a removable pocket on the inside which will definitely come in handy, in addition to the pocket on the outside. Considering the quality, these are really inexpensive and beautifully made. I feel like a sales person right now, but I can't tell you enough how glad I am that I found these! Originally, i had planned on doing a cheap bag... but these will last years and our guests will get to continue using them well beyond the wedding. I think it's totally worth the extra couple of bucks!