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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by m8chow Ohhh thank you for the suggestion, I never even thought to ask her for pictures. I'll do that now. Where did you choose to have your wedding ceremony? We have the Pier Gazebo booked now which apparently is called Gazebo Zocalo or something like that. No problem! That sounds Nice! we are having it on the roof top. Can't wait! just 6 more weeks
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by m8chow We booked the DJ but not the MC as well. Since the rental comes with a MIC, we figured we could just get a friend to do a few key intros or even do it ourselves. We have 40 guests confirmed and paid for. Is anyone out there doing a beach reception? Is the only spot on the beach for a dinner reception the yoga spot? We are doing a beach reception!!... we had Plaza Zavaz booked, but decided the beach would be more fun!! They have 3 beach locations to choose from. ask your WC to send you pics of the locations. we went for beach 3... there are palm trees everywhere in this section, and we loved the idea of dining and dancing under the trees
  3. Wow thanks for posting this! Karla is my coordinator too.. I was beingnning to wonder why I havn't heard from her! But no one has emailed me at all... Plus with all the changes the to Karisma website and packages, I'm confused lol
  4. Congrats to you too!! We've booked the ceremony location (rooftop) and reception (on the beach with a bonfire!) so far and the dj. When I read that the dj provides glow sticks and balloons I was sold lol. I think we're keeping the dinner pretty simple to keep costs down. I was all ready for the big Mexican feast but our wedding planner (in Ottawa) suggested to keep it simple since our guests will be eating amazing food all week that's already paid for! I appreciated that tip How far along are you? We have a few stragglers in the RSVP but not many left! 52 have booked so far and they all came flooding at the last min. So get ready The weather is also something I'm always reading about!! I'm with you on that one!!
  5. Hey Ladies! I tried posting last week, but it disappeared... I'm new to this.. clearly lol. We're getting married at AS Jan 14, 2014 - Any other brides there that week!? Anyways, hope this post works!! Happy planning.. I'm sure I'm going to have 100 questions as the date gets closer!!
  6. Hey Ladies! Thought I would introduce myself!! I'm getting married January 14, 2014 at AS!! Can't wait!! We have about 50-60 people coming.. more then we expected, which is an amazing surprise!! I LOVE that this website exists... soooo many questions have been answered already!! but I'm sure i'll have more lol Thanks to all the brides for posting pics!! Love seeing all the creativity Happy planning!!
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