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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by NatJ Have any of you ladies received a list from the resort as to what is and is not included when it comes to centerpieces and decor for the reception and ceremony? If you have any information about the additional cost of centerpieces or "extras" can you please send them to me! Thank you! hi Natj, I received a list from Hildabreanda, send me your email and ill forward it to you.
  2. Congratulations, really happy that everything turned out good for you... I can't wait until next year
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by SoonMrsD Well if you get the Tangerine package I was told the draping is included as well as Bar Higuey and small centerpieces I have to email Hildebranda and ask her, I was told differently... I'll let you girls know what she says.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by tricia-m Hey ladies. I finally got my confirmation email from Hildrabranda WOOHOO! Definitely more excited. I wanted to ask you ladies about the "decor" pictures they send you. There is one of the bar higuey that has white draping every where and even white couches. Did any of you ladies see that? And do any of you ladies know if it's extra and how much? It looked STUNNING. But I know everything comes with a price. Hildrabranda sent me the list extras, and I know for the draping is 1800, everything is separate... it could get expensive quickly lol...
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by LovelyGemini That vendor fee is freaking outrageous, I've heard other places like Majestic only charge $300 or so for outside vendors. I'm still on the hunt for either a local NYC-based photographer or an outside vendor out there worth paying the vendor fee for. I've contacted a couple people including this couple at Katya Nova that travels all over but will actually be in Punta Cana for the date of my wedding. I wonder if they'll still charge me the outside vendor fee for them... I know they don't charge the fee for an outside officiant like Pastor York. I've asked him to officiate my wedding and as per my WC, there is no additional vendor fee for him. When I spoke Marlene, she did mentioned if the person taking your pics is part of your wedding group then its ok, you don't have to pay the fee. Bc I am bringing my own photographer, I am just paying for her room and flight so I am making her part of my wedding group...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by LovelyGemini Welcome to BDW Yessi! My wedding is also in April, a few weeks before yours, on the 5th. I would recommend you make your plate choices before you send out your invitations, so you can ask your guests what they would prefer, especially if you're expecting at least 50 guests. And that way you'll know which dish to make your main dish and how many you will have to pay extra for the second choice. I wish I had done that with mine, my invites already went out and my WC just told me I would need to let her know everyone's food choices at least 1 month before I arrive! I guess it's because of the size of my guest list. Now I have to backtrack once I get all my RSVPs and ask them individually what their entree choice will be! Thanks a lot for that information, we were thinking of sending invites next month but now I think I will wait. I just send my WC an email asking about the menu and food choices.
  7. Hi Ladies, At what point do we start working on menus for the reception?
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Trish Upshall Your wedding is the day after mine I had Marlene as well but have not heard from ANYONE since she has been gone. I had sent an email over two weeks ago and still have not heard a reply, so i gather as of right now, i dont even have a WC. That's awesome, we will def. see each other there, I am having a catholic wedding and we using the Bar higuey for our reception. Email them again, I think I emailed Marlene twice before I got response from hildradebra
  9. She is great . she gets back to me within the same day... you will like her
  10. Hello Ladies, I am new at this site... I am loving all the information I am getting from this... My wedding in April 26, 2014 and I have the Tangerine Package .. I was communicating with Marlene but now Hildelbrada is replying to me... did something happen to Marlene?
  11. Hi Ladies, I am so glad I found this website sooooo helpful , my wedding is in April 26, 2014. I was communicating with Marlene but now I am getting response from Hilda. What happen to Marlene?
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