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  1. You have already indicated that there is no reception AND technically your extended family invited themselves along. It also sounds like they understand your situation. The idea of a small champagne toast is nice. And you could always bake cookies as your wedding favour If you someone is doing a house (or similar) vacation rental perhaps you cld make it a pot luck wedding?
  2. @@A7Xtrish What is this sound link I am hearing such great things about?! [emoji1]
  3. @@MrsHK I am definitely interested in renting items! please email me at 2015.mexico@@gmail.com thanks!!
  4. I actually had my father tell me that he's disappointed and it's not all about me. I was shocked that this was coming from my dad! lol We have gone through with it and booked - he still hasn't RSVPd and doesn't talk about it. So we don't bring it up either. If he comes he comes, if not, his loss!
  5. @@EmmA1025 Thanks! I sent you an email How was the beach at that time of year? I hear so many different things regarding seaweed and rocks....but I suspect the closer to hurricane season the more seaweed
  6. I didn't send an invite to the people so already said no - which was all my extended family. The fact that it was a destination wedding was not well received. Now family has been asking so I just explained that we are still going away but are keeping it small - they seem to understand. I think if you don't want to send them then don't. But if it's going to eat away at you and you're going to feel bad/guilty about it then send them. We used paperless post and had an email invite
  7. Amen sister! SO MUCH DRAMA!! It's hard not to get caught up in it because it is family, and you feel these obligations to listen. People seem to think they have a right to have an opinion on your choices and decisions and they feel they should be listened too. I think it's them projecting what they wanted in their wedding that they didn't get or did get and therefore everyone else should do it that way. I'm trying to keep the involvement to the minimum by not bringing up the topic. Also by deflecting, changing the topic and saying I haven't given it much thought.
  8. That's what I was thinking as well. We can all hang out and get ready together. Don't see much difference. Having people stand next to you doesn't change the relationship. It all comes down to what you want and what works best for you.
  9. I will be 34 and my fiancée will be 30. [emoji41]
  10. That's what I am hoping for - last minute yeses!
  11. Riveria Mayan April 2015! So excited!! 7 months to go!
  12. Have you used the blotting paper before? Is it good - nothing chalky left on your face?
  13. Hope everything works out! It shld since a wedding is a valid reason to defer
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