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  1. Thanks for the link. What are you swapping the cocktail hour for?
  2. OMG! My wedding is there in April, but I haven't had any news about this as yet. Thats terrible.
  3. Hey Megsweet, Thank you! It took me ages to find the perfect dress so I am so happy I've finally got it. I am not sure what to trade the cocktail hour for, what about you? I have contacted Claudia as she's my co- ordinator because I wanted to change the ceromony time. But she hasn't got back to me. She does generally take around 2-3 weeks to reply in my experience. I'm going to hire a personal trainer after Christmas as I have my final fitting in January. Lol [quote name="megssweet1" url="/t/86920/dreams-cancun-2014-brides/9 Hi, I see what you mean, with the swapping of the cocktail hour, that doesn't feel adequate. I am bringing chair sashes, but I think that's about it really.
  4. Hi Sarah P, we did ours with Albatross. It was definately the party boat! But they also do quieter ones if you have children etc. But we had a ball. You can also charter one specially for a group if you like. They are on trip advisor. Hope that helps.
  5. Hi Megsweet, I was thinking of doing the boat trip over to isla majeras with our guests as my fiancé and I did that once when we went to Cancun and loved it! Or the Captain Hook dinner as I think the kids would really enjoy that. What do you have in mind?? Hope your well and very excited!
  6. Hey ladies, Hows everyone doing? April brides not long to go now! So I've finally found my dress eeeekkk!!! But I was just wondering what are all your future husbands wearing? Mines not quite sure.... And is everybody trading the cocktail hour?
  7. It's exactly the same with us.... Lol those that we "politely" invited and are not very close friends have booked and my cousins, grandparents, aunts and best friends still have not. But all maintain that they are still coming! We sent out save the dates 18months before and invites 11 months before so they would have enough time to put aside some money. So like you I think our wedding guest will be pretty random! lol maybe some of you brides can attend my wedding to make up the numbers if your in Cancun around that time??? Lmao Dispite who's there it will be an amazing day for us all and we probably won't even see anyone else except for our Wonderful future husbands. But would be nice to have them all there for a great party! 😀
  8. (Sorry I submitted by accident before if finished) And I know most of them wont be paying in full as it's quite a lot of money from London to Cancun. Feeling a little anxious 😳 but glad us brides can vent on here!
  9. I feel a little better knowing it's not jut my family and friends dragging there heels! I too am trying not to stress so much but it would just be nice to have them all there, also our agent calle to say that flights around our dates were booking up really fast so we need to inform our guests. I've let them all know and a lot of them say they're coming but still haven't booked
  10. Wow, you ladies sound super organized! Yes 7 months feels like tomorrow to me too. Although I feel like I'm not doing much at the moment. Still haven't decided on my dress although I am givingyself till the end of this week to make a decision. I sent out invitations a while back as we live in London and needed to give quite abit of notice to our friends and family to get to Cancun. I haven't sorted bridesmaids as some of those I would like till haven't confirmed whether they're coming yet. Which is a pain! But hey! Are you guys traveling with guests? And how many do you have confirmed? I feel like it's so close, and only a few of mine have confirmed, getting quite worried that we'll have no guests! Lol xx
  11. Hey Ashleyloriann, I thought around 3/30pm would be a nice time to have the ceromony. Has anyone suggested you make yours later? Or is it ok for a February wedding? My fiancé and I went to Cancun a couple years back in February but I can't remember much about what it was like at that time of day. I have seen some brides mention in other threads that the gazebo is quite breezy, but they've never indicated that it was a problem.... I suppose if it is quite windy then that could solve my worries of it being to hot for everyone.
  12. Hi megssweet1, I've been in touch with Claudia on and off for the past few months asking a few questions and clarifying a few things. Although nothing much really, she does take a while to respond to emails but from what I've read she is really busy and does a great job once your there. Which makes me feel a lot better about it all. We arrive on the 3rd so we will probably cross paths- how exciting! We are havin our ceromony on the gazebo And reception on himitsu beach. Where are you having yours? And what time? I emailed Claudia regarding times as a friend suggested that our 3pm wedding may be too hot, Claudia suggested that it may be too hot and that we may want to so it later. Has anyone got any thoughts in this?
  13. Hey ladies, I'm getting married April 9th at Dreams Cancun! Wow! Time is flying how is everyone getting on?
  14. Hello ladies, I too am a dreams cancun bride! So happy to have come across this thread. My fiancé and I are getting married April 9th and I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed. We haven't done a site visit and won't be doing on beforehand as we live in the UK and just won't have the time. But it does look fab! Looking forwards to chatting and exchanging idea/info with you all. Xx
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