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  1. Hello! My FI and I will have out wedding at the Excellence Punta Cana Resort on May 3rd, 2014. I have been looking and reading through the threads for any additional information I could get for now. My wedding coordinator for the resort has confirmed my date and time but stated that she will get back in touch with me about 2 months before the wedding date. I just feel like I should be doing more or asking more questions. There are a few things I am interested in finding out before 2 months of the wedding date. I never been married before and have not attended to many weddings so I am a bit confused or just need further clarification on what some of the things the wedding package includes. Here are some of the questions: For the Excellenece of Love Wedding Package it is for 20 people. Would that mean 20 people including my FI and I or 20 people and my FI and I would make 22 people all together? The special silver wedding dinner that is included with the package, is that another word for reception? If so, will there be music at the reception? Do I provide my own playlist? Do we have to hire a DJ? As for color selection; do I get to choose colors or are the colors already choosen. Anyone know what type of prices the resort photographer charge? Any help will be appreciated!! Thank You All!!!!
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