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  1. Yes, they are still there. Loreto is the managers of WC.
  2. Thank you for posting this list. It is a huge help.
  3. Hi ladies, Anyone going to the bridal show on January 26th? It's the one that was originally schedule for January 12th.
  4. Seeing all the NC brides makes me happy!
  5. I'm making progress. Our STDs are back from the printer and we will be sending them out soon. We now have a website and hashtag for our friends/family to upload pictures. Now, the hard part begins...losing weight. Gotta love it!
  6. So happy that my planner sent me to someone who can redesign my gown. Tune to get this weight off so we can get to work. How is everyone coming along?
  7. I just fired them. TA was constantly pushing a resort that we did not want. She even had the nerve to suggest we cancel our wedding. I asked to be switched to a different TA but was told it would be best to stay with the TA I started with b/c she had over 20 yrs experience. The quote we were e given was $1500 MORE than the resort itself. The info the providedv from the resort was outdated. After making casks to the resort myself and booing my own wedding date, they had to go. STAY AWAY!!!
  8. Hi, Anyone know if a great dress designer in the area?
  9. I'm using real touch flowers and taking them with us. I requested info from Tai Flora a month ago and still haven't heard anything.
  10. Yes, we are taking flowers with us. The flowers are real touch flowers do we are able to take them. We chose Mann Travels because we have used them in the past. They book the rooms and flights for our group. We have our gift registry through them as well. My planner is Shawon McClure-Fields of SDS Events. She is AWESOME!
  11. Our planner is Shawon McClure-Fields with SDS Events. I can PM her number to you if you'd like. We went with April's floral expression for real touch flowers (found her at a bridal show). I've seen great reviews on your TA. I'm trying to find a wedding website and app for our guests. So much or there to choose from.
  12. Hello, Our wedding is going to be in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Jamaica is a two hour direct flight from Charlotte Douglas through US Air. We have a wedding planner here in Charlotte who is AMAZING. We've hired a photographer in Jamaica. We are using a real touch florist from Charlotte as well. Our travel agent is with Mann Travels. I hope this helps you. If you'd like more information, I'm happy to share. Happy planning. :-D
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