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  1. @@Tiyra ah okay. Yes I have a wedding planner through my resort. I guess when you factor in that your quote was for 5 bouquets + bouts it's not terrible. Still trying to figure out how much my bouquet will be or if my mom and I can just visit the florist a couple days before and buy the flowers to make the bouquet ourselves. Happy planning!!
  2. Saw this elsewhere too! I'm not big on sand ceremonies but I like this idea a lot since you actually get a nice piece of art out to display as a result! Def a bit pricey though.
  3. All I plan on bringing as far as decorations for our ceremony are sheer colored fabric (otherwise the resort provided ones are just white) and some arrangement of fake flowers, all for the bamboo arch. Any other ideas on decorating our arch?
  4. Congrats and welcome! You have so much planning done already that is so awesome. I am getting married in T&C too, can I ask where you got your floral quote from? Is Environmental Arts the only/best florist for the area?
  5. FI has a grey suit already...thinking of having him wear it with a nice white shirt and for the pop of color, a Tiffany blue tie! Any suggestions on good Tiff blue/mint ties? Hoping for closer to Tiff blue and less pastel but for searching purposes mint and aqua usually overlap a bit with what I'm looking for
  6. I think you should do whatever you want for your wedding band! You could get a basic one (or even a fancy one) for your right hand and wear your wedding band separate from your engagement ring. Or if your e-ring is substantial on its own then just use that as your wedding ring as well. Do you have pics of your e-ring?
  7. I hope mine aren't too bad...according to the current measurements from the bride I'm buying it off of, all I need is for the waist to be taken in a few inches. Otherwise it's the perfect size! For the deal I'm getting I hope I'm not spending a fortune on alterations.
  8. Tiffany blue for me with a splash of orange (just from my flowers). Not much else in terms of decorations and other things to add color so I'm okay with that
  9. That's a good idea hosting your AHR at a restaurant attached to a hotel! Especially if you have loved ones traveling that far!
  10. This is my exact situation too regarding our parents! I think I'm also going to do something similar.
  11. This has been such a helpful topic! Started a general outline for ours, but will probably let it sit for a few months before I pin it down and mess with paper, design, etc.
  12. Aw that is so nice of your coworkers! Yeah I do kinda feel like since people know we're going away I feel like people will be less inclined to give gifts because they're not invited but maybe that's just how I would feel (though it would depend on the friend I suppose). I'm glad you had a good time! Regent palms looks beautiful, that was a venue we had also considered. I think you are totally right! I started a list of some stuff and I think will go with crate and barrel for one, maybe bed bath and beyond but they seem very similar to me. I like my registry too so I think we can use that as a catchall for random stuff we want to add from different stores like etsy, lowes, or other miscellaneous places.
  13. @@girlinthecity97 yeah I think 3 is plenty of variety! How big is your wedding going to be? Haha I could present him with that alternative, but I'm not sure if he will care even less and just give up completely or if he truly will want a part in it. I guess either way it's fine! Been doing some more budgeting and will need to save more than originally planned (but including flight and rooms all in the weddingmoon) so that is more of a primary concern now.
  14. Thanks ladies! Guess I can just go online and add stuff we may need or do small upgrades on stuff we already have. Any recommendations on registries you ladies are using?
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