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  1. Ok thanks and the bridal styling is $95, makeup is $65, bridesmaids are $85.
  2. Hey everyone, Just wondering what you guys think the appropriate amount to tip is at the salon for bridal hair and makeup? Let's say if all goes well like it will , how much should I tip and should I do it individually or as one chunk to split amongst the salon ladies for: 1 Bride - Hair and Makeup 2 Bridesmaids - Hair and Makeup 2 Mothers - Hair and Makeup The bill will be close to $800 ish I believe..
  3. Thank you for the tip! YES I'd love to see pictures! I'll message you my email address
  4. Hi everyone, I was looking through the posts on the blog about the spa hair and makeup, but the most recent posts are mainly from 2010. Does anyone have current info about the quality of the work done? and any more current pictures to see that someone could email me? We have our appointments at the Tulum Spa on Nov.28. My fiance and I visited the resort for a day this past December and checked out the spa. There was a couple girls getting their hair done and the styles looked cute from what I saw which was a little more reassuring than the posts on here. Unfortunately I was scared to hire any outsiders because we got so many warnings they didn't allow outside vendors in even as wedding guests anymore, which I now wish I would have just done it, but that's alright. We are bringing tons of pictures and a bunch of our own good quality makeup which we hope they wont mind using. Thanks in advance if anyone has any more current info or pics to share
  5. Hi llimaa I have Fany as my coordinator. Is your wedding late or early December? My wedding is Nov.28th. She's been really responsive and quick with me and very sweet. Everything is ready to go for us. I think I wouldn't worry about it too too much because when she needed certain information she would email me for it, so I'm sure once she needs something from you she will contact you
  6. Hey everyone, does anyone know what kind of input their projection screen has for the cord? is it: 1) VGA 2) VVI 3) HDMI ? thanks
  7. Hey everyone, Does anyone know if they can set up a projection screen for a slideshow poolside if your dinner/reception is the private poolside option?
  8. ElenaBrogden - 11/28/2014 - Akumal beach hammock location And also, just wanted to mention, they don't allow outside hair stylists into the resort anymore. Previously you had to pay for the day pass for them to come in but now they don't allow it all which is quite unfortunate. I had a question about photography. We are flying our own photographer down. She's wondering if she needs to provide anything to the airline in terms of paperwork etc. in case they ask her why she has photography equipment with her. (She's been watching a lot of those airport security shows lately, which always show sketchy things happening ) thanks
  9. Hi guys, First of all, this is a great thread and I'm really glad to have found it! Our wedding is next year Nov. 28, 2014. We started planning our wedding through a friend working at Flight Centre, and he's basically been the person in contact with the resort thus far. At this time we reached the point where the resort had asked for the dates, the wedding package, etc. to begin with. And now we are just waiting to start having some conversations with the wedding coordinator. We have not heard from anyone at the resort yet, (which is fine as we do have plenty of time), but I'm just wondering about anyone else's experience who has started the process through a flight agency and how that was all organized and such. Will the wedding coordinator actually get back to me this soon or am I dreaming ? Through reading the past threads it seems like getting a hold of them is pretty difficult. Thanks
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