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  1. Wow... I didn't even think about a special bag for my dress! Yikes! Talk about details.... Since my dress will be light and airy it shouldn't be too big a deal for me, I mean in the way of I don't have ruffles or anything to crush. Now I just have to confirm my resorts steaming process.
  2. Now that's not a bad idea at all! I'm spending so much on the venue and photographer that doing my own makeup is a way to save a few bucks! Thanks for sharing this tip!
  3. Absolutely! I'm going to change... Mainly because I'm doing a TTD session in my gown But also I'm not totally convinced I'm going to wear a dress for after the ceremony. My husband and I are doing an elopement style vow renewal,so after the ceremony we're just going to hit some of the local bars. I'm thinking maybe a super sexy jumpsuit??? Not quite sure yet...but yep I'm definitely going to change.
  4. Have you decided, if you're going to wear a fascinating/flower type hair accessory or just a pair of totally fabulous earrings? I find it hard to shop for hair accessories online because most models have long hair and I can't get a good idea of the size of the flower. I'd hate to end up looking like Minnie Mouse or worse Minnie Pearl!
  5. Hey TuffLuv...neither of those pictures are me. They're just some photos I found online while looking for ways to style my hair for my wedding. Don't feel bad... I've damaged my locs too. I actually had to get them cut in the back into a very high bob. It reminds me of Maxine Shaw from Living Single... I'm not so sure I like it yet but I keep getting compliments...all I can say is "Oh well, it's hair and Lawd willin' an the creek don't rise..it'll grow back!" 2 weeks out! Yaaaay! I can't wait to see pictures! Congrats, and remember relax. no matter what happens it will all be okay!
  6. I used colorcombos.com. Technically, they're for paint but it's easy to use and gives you great ideas about what colors go well together.
  7. You know? I'm in the same boat. I actually thought about this, but then I forgot about it until I read your post and was reminded. If you're getting married on the beach, lay your flowers on the ground. When I was considering Jamaica, one of the photographers there, showed me some photos of another couple that had eloped, and the photographer had some beautiful shots of her bouquet laying in the sand next to her feet. It was just enough wind to slightly lift her dress so you could see her shoes. I guess it helped a great deal that the colors of the bouquet coordinated perfectly with her flip flops and the sand.
  8. Wow, I'm impressed! You ladies were busy today. I'm iced in Raleigh, and work was canceled for me today too... Instead I woke up late, made brunch and took an afternoon nap. Talk about feeling guilty! Oh well I guess I'll get busy, since they're promising more snow.
  9. Thanks you gals are the best! I believe I've made my peace with it... it also helps a great deal that I'm doing a TTD session the next day aaand I'll be there for 7 days...so that'll be more than enough sand for me. Plus A7XTrish reminded me,it's only 20 minutes.
  10. Congratulations! I'm also renewing my vows, but I'm having a very intimate ceremony-just me and the hubby. Have you considered Jamaica? The Couples Resorts offer (IMO) a good bang for your buck. They have tons of activities that are included in the all inclusive rate and their vow renewal ceremony package is the most robust I've seen. The only thing is that the Couples Resorts caters to well...couples. So if your 100 person guest list is 50 couples then you're good. Otherwise, you're charged for guest passes for the ceremony & reception. Honestly,I was going to go there and the only thing that changed my mind is that I think their photo packages are the pits! And photography to me is..shh don't tell anyone ..more important than my dress.(well a larger part of my budget is going towards photography than to my dress) So I'm bringing my own photographer and they charge an extra $500 to do so. So I switched to a resort in St. Lucia, that's a more expensive resort but less expensive to bring my own photographer. Since its just me and the old man and we're not going until 2015 we can spend a little more on the vow renewal and just go to the Couples Resorts for a vacation. I say definitely check them out, especially if you're an active couple. HTH!
  11. Hey Y'all!! See here I was sittin' here sufferin' all alone! When I could've come to this post back in Sept???! I've been loc'd for 18 months now and for a brief moment I was missing my loose natural hair because for all the options I had, pressed, twists, twist outs, and then I saw this TuffLuv your photos have inspired me... I may do something similar to this with my locs... and just add a flower or two
  12. Thank you ladies soooo much! I do feel better... I really am a shoestinista!...Plus I never ever even thought about the wind and the "Looky Loos and in speedos no doubt!! Ewwwww! And with my luck I'll end up with a zillion photos of them standing there with their hands on their hips with hairy pot bellies in jungle print speedos!
  13. Ladies, Okay.... so I need some consoling... The resorts I've been considering offer locations OTHER than the beach for ceremonies. Yes, you can get married on the beach, but they also let you get married in garden settings, and indoor settings, restaurants and even your room!!! Not sure how feel about a restaurant setting, unless it were raining. (which mostly they use as a rain contingency location) Anyway, some of the garden settings and semi indoor locations (rooms with only 3 walls)are really pretty and have paved floors. Which by the way is why this option is so appealing- it solves my shoe dilemma! So I have to ask... Am I crazy for wanting to get married at a tropical resort but not on the beach, just so I can wear a great pair of shoes? Oh btw.. wearing shoes is not the only reason, it's just the primary reason. I think ( based on the website photos) that the greenery will make a fantastic backdrop for photos.. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  14. Totally agree with the other ladies!! It's a fab dress! Just to show you you're not alone in your considerations... Here's a pic of a lady wearing a similar one on the beach... It even looks to me like she's just about to partake of a TTD session! http://les-femmes-fatales.tumblr.com/post/70580167135
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