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  1. @@Giocivs88 the hard liquor options are quite extensive Jessica gave me a list you'll have more than enough
  2. @@Giocivs88 we chose the gold package as well. Alcohol is included but be forewarned if you have foodies like my group the wine is shit!! I asked Jessica to send me a wine list it's ok so we plan on going into town and buying our own. Corkage is 20 per bottle but for people that work in fine dining it'll be worth the xtra coat
  3. @upstakj Only 2 by the way do the groomsmen go down the aisle with the maids I can remember? With respect to the flowers I replaced tulips in my bouquet PB-11 for Cala lillies. It cost me 65 xtra
  4. Hi ladies I was thinking of using only one song for the bridal party and myself. It's around 4min long, will you marry me is the song. Forget the artist it's fun and upbeat. Any thoughts?
  5. @@JenniferH114 I've sent her an email to see if she has any or if she can suggest where to buy some
  6. @HenniferH114 yep! I've basically told her the hotel is trying to take advantage of brides but this boards exposes the discrepancies. In addition, she is changing my whole wedding day time line! I'm so angry!! Yep she said it was a price increase but really it's gouging! I may as well find a way to bring down my own
  7. @@JenniferH114 The vases are 8, 10 and 12 inches. Needless to say I'm pissed!
  8. Incidentally I am being asked to pay 20 us dollars per large pillar vase and 18 per small and medium...EXTORTION!!
  9. Hi JenniferH114 I am getting my piñata made from a Katy canadian who know lives in Mexico. She has a Facebook page called love and lace wedding decor. I know the candy will cost 15 and the piñata is a grey donkey think Winnie the Pooh , which I prefer to the flashy colours and I think the cost is 35?
  10. To all former brides I was wondering if Mosquitos were an issue on your wedding day?
  11. @@JenniferH114 I have yet to get a quote. I think many brides are opting for the vase rental since the arrangements are so expensive and now they're trying to find another way to make some money
  12. @@JenniferH114 I got your email thank you. Jessica got back to me this am and said the prices have changed for the vases. Let me know what she says for you
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