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  1. Hello! I am in the process of finalizing my paper work and I wanted to know what you chose as your main courses? I am stuck on food and I cant decide what to get and since your food choice was yummy though id ask. Thank you! =)
  2. These pictures are gorgeous! Thank you for your help and review about the resort! Congrats again on your marriage! =)
  3. Hello Brides! I hope your planning is going smoothly! Its only 4 months away from my BIG day at GCR. I wanted to ask the previous brides about setting up a welcome dinner for the guests and a rehearsal dinner. Did you guys pay for the resort to keep the spot available? or did you just wing it by letting the guests know where to meet and at what time? What was your experiance if you did hold the spot and pay for it or if you did not pay and just wing it. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. Wow, thats horrible! Have you tried to talk to someone else about this? Very unprofessional. I hope things get resolved for you.
  5. Unfortunitely, depending on the months you cant have your reception past 9pm on the terrace because of the turtle laying season. We are having ours in a ballroom, the terrace is beautiful but id rather have the reception go longer for our guests. =)
  6. Thank you! Im sure they will have rates up next month for your wedding at least thats how it was for mine. A year out Time definitely fly's!
  7. Oh wow thats awesome... Do you mind giving me your TA information? Maybe through a private message? Maybe its just my ravel agent.. the rates she was giving me were horrible. I was getting better deals on Expedia! Thank you for all the info! Oh cool! Yea havent seen to much info on how good SPAZUL is with hair and makeup. Im worried about the humidity out there. Wouldn't want my face to melt off or hair get frizzy I know what you mean, my aunt got married last year and they offered wayy more discounts than GCR does. She had 110 people at her wedding, im having around the same amount.
  8. Awww... bummer. They dont even offer a discount for the Bride and groom if they have more than 10 rooms booked with their resort. Most resorts will offer some kind of special. Thank you for the update!! Will you be getting your hair and makeup done by SPAZUL?
  9. Hello ladies! I was wondering if any of you are having an issue trying to do a block room rate with the coordinators? For some reason they are telling me they cant do a block rate and i have to go though my TA? I have never heard of this before.
  10. For the brides that have had their hair and makeup done at the resort by SPAZUL can you please give your feed back. Considering the humidity out there how well did they do the makeup? and how well did they do hair? Did it last all day? Thank you for the help!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by kwink Marvin will certainly work within your budget. Just let him know what your budget is and the type of look you are going for and ask him for recommendations. You could also have him do something simple like a pomander sitting on top of a vase and then order natural touch cascading lilies (bring with you) and have them put the lilies in the pomanders. This will save you so much money and still be beautiful and dramatic. Good luck. Thanks for the help! @kwink Ill try to reach out to him again. Happy planning =)
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by crcombs Hi, I am also in the process of looking for a photographer and videographer. Can someone please send me a copy of the spreadsheet chalonda26@yahoo.com. Also, has anyone used a cigar roller? The one offered by the resort is expensive. Thanks!!! I was also curious about a cigar roller...
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by meowybells Hey! I contacted another florist and they're better with communication than Maya Floral. Slightly better prices too! They are called Floreira Riviera Maya. email: info@floresrivieramaya.com I am currently in contact with Alina. Mind you, it took awhile for them to get back to me as well. But when they emailed me back, they just kept answering my questions. It feels good to get the ball rolling instead of waiting months in between emails Hope they're a good match for you too! Hi! I am also in contact with Alina with Floreira Riviera Maya, just waiting on quotes. I have also been in contact with Julieta from Cherry Blossom Flowers art decor in Cancun. She has been great answering my questions and sending me quotes that are within my budget, this is their email address sales@cherryblossom.com.mx. Hope you can find this helpful =)
  14. Hello ladies! Can anyone recommend a floral company? I have tried Maya Floral as well and their prices are way over my budget, im wondering if there are any other companies that do a great job but are less expensive and more helpful than Maya floral. Thank you and happy planning! =)
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